In case you needed a reason to visit Hawaii — we’ve got 10

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In case you needed a reason to visit Hawaii — we’ve got 10 ! As far as travel destinations go, it’s hard to top Hawaii. Their mix of pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, vibrant culture and relative remoteness, the U.S. islands are unlike any other place on Earth.

In case you needed a reason to visit Hawaii — we’ve got 10 !

1. The food

Hawaii is more than just fresh fruit and the meat of a pig cooked in an underground oven.  While you’re on the islands, try a bowl of fresh raw tuna fish  tossed with a variety of seasonings and ingredients, plus candlenut, which is only available in Hawaii. Loco moco is a bowl of hot hamburger and fried egg with gravy, served over a bowl of rice. Make sure you make time for some flavoured shave ice, a Hawaiian specialty.

2. The beer

Craft beer nerds take note: Hawaii has some of the world’s best brews. From the famed Kona brewery on the Big Island to the hip Maui Brewing Co.  the latter of which won a gold medal in the Field Beer category for its Imperial Coconut Porter at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016.

3. The volcanoes

There are four active volcanoes on the Big Island. The famous Mauna Loa, which has been considered the largest volcano on Earth. While there’s no guarantee that any of the island’s volcanoes will be flowing lava during your visit, even a quiet volcano is a marvel of nature.

Hawai volcanos, marvel of nature, Mauna Loa being the gratest volcano on Earth

4. The luaus

You can’t go to Hawaii without attending a luau. In Hawaiian, the word “lu’au” actually refers to the root of the taro plant, which is incorporated into many dishes served at large Hawaiian banquets or celebrations.

5. The surfing

Surfers know that the waves off Hawaii are some of the world’s best.  Surf lessons are plentiful on all of the islands, with instructors offering newbies a chance to learn proper form and safety, then try their luck at standing up on the board and catching a wave.

Hawaii Surfing, best waves you will ever find


6. The music

Like everywhere else on the planet, Hawaii produces pop stars and contemporary musicians. But the islands also have a rich musical history, with slack-key guitar songs and ukulele music among the styles and genres most closely associated with Hawaii.



7. The Thurston Lava Tube

Volcanoes are great, but lava tubes are awesome. The Thurston Lava Tube is lit by electric lighting, and visitors can walk through it.


8. The actual history

Hawaii is the most recent state to have joined the United States of America, but its history and heritage is lengthy and fascinating. When you visit Hawaii, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the islands’ Polynesian heritage. Modern-day Hawaii features many testaments to the island state’s rich, diverse cultural heritage.

9. The aloha spirit

An important part of that identity is the idea of “aloha.” Most mainlanders are aware that the term is used to say both hello and goodbye, but its meaning goes far deeper. Aloha spirit “is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self.

Natures greatest views, Hawai is an island, but it has some great mountains too

10. The beaches

No matter which island you’re on, what part of the year it is, or what time of day you visit, Hawaii’s beaches are breathtaking. Hawaii is lush, green, and tropical year-round.

You have not seen beaches if you have not been on Hawaii

In case you needed a reason to visit Hawaii — we’ve got 10 !



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