15 Air Travel Tips and Tricks

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Here are 15 Air Travel Tips and Tricks that could help make your travel experiences easier and more enjoyable:

1.Airports have very high prices for botteled water, bring an empty water bottle in your carry on bag. You can fill it after you exit security.

2.Airlines and travel sites use cookies to track your visit, which can cause the prices to increase the more you search. You will get better deals if you browse for flights incognito mode.

3.Ditch the carry-on and invest in a travel jacket or cargo pants. Those pockets can hold most of your carry-on essentials.

4.If you have a long flight wear a night moisturizer.

5.Bring a thermos with lemon, honey, and your favorite tea bag. Ask the flight attendant to fill it with hot water.

15 Air Travel Tips and Tricks

6.Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane as well as your heaviest coat. You’ll save room and you can use it as a good pillow.

7.Google your airline name and flight number to check the status of your flight.

8.Mark your checked luggage as fragile. Hopefully this will make the baggage handlers to treat your bag with extra care.

9.If you are a frequent fyer apply for pre-check and avoid the long lines

10.Pack a pen  in your  carry on so you can complete customs forms. Airline personal rarely have them.

15 Air Travel Tips and Tricks

11.When you’re traveling with another person, book the aisle and window seats leaving the middle seat free.

12.If you have a common colored bag tie a ribbon to the handle.

13.Shop for flights 4 -5 months before your trip. Use an app like hopper for alerts when prices drop.  Eexperts say to buy your flight 3 months prior to your trip for the best price

14.Use a paperclip to ”lock” your zippers on suitcases and carry-ons together. This helps detour pickpockets and helps your checked luggage from opening on route.

15.Find out which security lines are busy with the whatsbusy app, it shows which security lines at the airport are busy so you can save some time.

15 Air Travel Tips and Tricks

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