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Travel Agents – 10 reasons why to use them

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In this holiday season of giving and thanking, we should also remember to say thanks to our caring,professional and smart travel professionals who have been so supportive trough the year.

They really deserve at least 10 reasons to be used for planning our trips, not only this year, but trough the years that are coming.


  1. Purchasing a travel is a quiet unique , because we are not buying only a product, we are buying a service also. So our travel agent is the person who can sell us both at the same time. Your trip is much easier and stress free when you have someone to sell both parts- the airline and resort, the cruise or other kind of vacation that match you needs including the service that match your needs also.


  1. Your trip is made of so many puzzels, and your travel agent is trained to take a critical look to each piece of it. He will take good care of it, so you can be happy with every penny you spent.


  1. They are also experts to make sense of the multitude of different offers from cruise lines to airlines and hotels. In past year companies have been offering more brands than ever in history. So much to choose – on land, in air and on seas. Which cruise is good for you? Is it good enough to satisfy you needs? So many questions and a travel agent is the person who can decipher the subtle differences and suggest the right one that fits your needs for this unique trip.


  1. Travel professionals wether they charge a fee or base their business on commissions , really save your time and the money. The time and money you spend with them returns to you many times in the form of perks, upgrades, convenience and service.


  1. They are also something like your advocate. Whatever you need, be it an ocean view, an upgrade or a ticket out of harm’s way after an earthquake, your agents are there for you and always intervening on your behalf.


  1. As in other life aspects, always use experts. Like a doctor or a lawyer, a travel counselor will ask you right question, listen carefully your answers, understand you and always offer you a expert advice in making very , very important decision, and that is how to spend you priceless and precious time off. Once the vacation goes wrong there there no do-overs, so be careful and consult your agent.


  1. Knowledge is always the power and the expert travel agent has inside information that can make your trip pleasant and perfect. From the tickets, visa and passport requirements to the best restaurant or caffe in the place you are visiting. All those things are important to make your journey great experience and life long memory.


  1. If things ever go wrong a travel professional is there to hold your back. They know whom to call to get every little thing fixed right on the spot. If your flight is canceled , or you didn’t get the room category you asked for there is no need to argue if you have your travel agent. One call will get it corrected without ruining your precious time.


  1. Have you ever used a personal shopper? Well, the travel agent is something like that! Trough the time he gets to meet you and your family and your likes and dislikes. To them you are not just the sale, they make a human connection and it makes every transaction more meaningful and pleasant.


  1. The last, but not the least reason to use travel agent is the fact they can offer you completely customized experience that no one else can do. Trough many years of their experience in this business they make connections to arrange many side things, as trips, special passes, the upgrades and all kind of other little touches not available to general public. In this stunning , wide and wonderful world you can not know everything. So always ask someone who knows it better, and when it comes to traveling – thats your travel agent!

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