5 of the Most Popular Sites in Greece

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When it comes to a pocket friendly trip for you and your loved ones, Greece is your best option in Europe. Not only is it comparatively cheaper than the other countries, it also holds a lot of value and is decorated with rich history. Greek food and Greek drinks are famous all around the world and the Mediterranean diet is said to be very healthy to help you lead a longer life. The islands are popular all around and the fun at the beaches never stops.

The Greek Gods are very famous and you would find a God for everything. From Zeus and Poseidon to Apollo and Artemis, the list is very very long. And when you are there do not forget to try the Greek coffee which is as delicious as a coffee can be. If you go with kids you can be assured that they would not be bored on the entire trip. There will always be something fun to do and to keep them busy the entire time. This trip can also be very educational to them as they can learn more about the rich history of this country by visiting some of the greatest sites at the place, And if you don’t know where to start, we hope this list would be helpful.

Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis in Athena
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The ancient citadel, Acropolis, is perched on a rocky outcrop outside the city of Athens. The remains of most of the buildings are still there. The citadel has been through a lot of tough times like massive earthquakes, bombardment and vandalism, yet it still stands strong preserving its history and providing a destination for tourists to visit on their trip. When booking Greece packages, make sure you visit Athens, the city has a lot to offer and your time there would be the best and the most amazing.


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Probably one of the most beautiful isles, Santorini is famous for its all white houses with blue roofs. A lot of the cubic buildings have been turned into hotels and the blue sea provides a perfect view from your window. It is probably one of the most romantic destinations in Greece and is very famous for destination weddings and honeymoons. The black volcanic sand beaches are also a major attraction and it is the perfect place for you to relax, go swimming or sunbathing without a worry in the world. The best known towns are Fira and Oia with their cliff top white houses and you definitely need to visit them at least once.


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Mykonos is probably the most popular island in Greece. It is posh and luxurious and is frequently visited by celebrities from all over the world. The sandy beaches and dark blue water match perfectly with the resorts there and provide a calm scenery. It is also known for Paraportiani, a whitewashed church in the town of Mykonos. Other than tourist attractions, the glamorous environment of the island makes it stand out and is definitely worth a visit whether you come with your partner or your family.


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About 180 kilometers away from Athens is Delphi, a world heritage site. With ruined temples and a large theater and stadium, Delphi is an attractive site that has a lot of history. Made between the 8th century BC and 2nd century AD, this historic site was a place for worshipers of Apollo, the God of light, prophecy, music and healing. The Delphi Archeological museum is a must visit to take a look at the artifacts found on the site. The trip would not only be memorable but also educational as you wander through the ruins of history and feel the ancient air.


Corfu island
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Another world heritage site in Greece is the Corfu town, mostly famous for its architecture. The town holds historical fortresses and old fashioned cafes for the lovers who walk through the pedestrian only streets. But the town is not the only amazing part. The island has popular beaches that merge into the clear water of the sea. Corfu is easy to visit, with its own airport and ferries coming in all day long, it is easier to access this place and we guarantee once you come, you would want to stay here forever. So make sure you visit this beautiful town.

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