6 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time To Renovate

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6 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time To Renovate

Whether you are tearing down the whole house, knocking off some walls or just going for a simple kitchen or bathroom remodel, timing is crucial when it comes to home renovations.

Summer is believed to be a high renovation season. Many people tend to steer clear of home improvement projects at this time due to high demand. However, summer provides the best time to renovate in terms of contractor’s availability and good weather conditions for you and the contractors. It is the perfect weather to work without the messes of rain, mud or ice. It is also a good time to get out and enjoy the outdoors for you and your family. That means you can shift some functions outside when the spaces indoors are out of order. In addition, your home will be ready for the holidays in good time, which is crucial especially when you are the designated host for the family. Summer is a good time to get away from the chaos, and you will have enough time to settle in.

Summer is the best time

If you are planning for a home renovation, here is why you should schedule it in the summer.

  1. You will have a guests-ready home for the holidays

From hosting Thanksgiving dinner to entertaining guests during the Christmas festivities, your home will probably be a beehive of activities during the holidays.

You, obviously, will want to have a home fit for hosting people. The summer presents the best time to prepare a guests-ready home for this busiest period of the year. For starters, you have enough time to accommodate changes and for the contractors to complete the work.  Consider having a kitchen remodel as you will be spending a lot of time there preparing treats, and watching football. Installing ready-to-assemble cabinets, for instance, will help you declutter and attain the much-needed space. You can also give your kitchen a new paint job, or a complete overhaul of the countertops to have a clean and presentable space for the guests..

The bathroom is usually the most visited room in the home, and it as well tells a lot about your personality. When you have guests over the holidays, you want to protect your reputation by having a modern and clean bathroom. A bathroom remodel during the summer will give you a top-notch bathroom for your guests come the holiday time.

  1.   It is the perfect weather

Summer presents the best weather for any renovation project in the following ways.

  • There is less mess created in sunny weather compared to when it is rainy and muddy with a bunch of people entering and exiting the house.
  • If you are having a kitchen remodeling, summer provides good weather for preparing meals outdoors. Same goes for a bathroom remodel as you can shower in the pool and can also take the lack of a hot shower.
  • Days are longer in the summer; workers will have more time to work which can shorten the project duration.
  • Rain and snow cause project delays, which eventually cost a lot of money and time. The summer weather is free of such, which means quicker completion of the project and saving a few bucks.
  • If your renovation project involves digging, the warm weather makes it simple. Digging when the ground is muddy or frozen will definitely be a lot of work for the contractors, and more costs to you.
  • If you plan to install an awning or shading an outdoor space, doing it when it is sunny will give you a clear picture of where the sun rays reaches.
  • Perfect weather for outdoors means most people are vacationing. This translates to less intrusion by family and friends.

Lastly, some projects are best done when the weather is warm for them to be perfect. Such renovations include paving the driveways and walkways and cementing the outdoor spaces.

Summer is the best time

  1.   You can get away from the chaos

If you have to put without a roof, a bathroom or a few walls for days, it makes sense to want to find an alternative place to stay. Thankfully, life slows down a bit during the summer. Kids are out of school for the summer holidays, which makes it a good period for family vacationing. You can use this time to get away from the chaos. Before you go, however, it is important that you leave everything ready, well planned and organized. You also need to ensure that you keep tabs with the ongoing project from wherever you will be going.  Being away from the home allows the contractors the convenience to work with fewer disruptions. In addition, renovation areas are prone to accidents. You can agree that your kids are much safer away from the renovation site. Summer is the best time for travel.

Summer pool

  1.   Adds value to your time outdoors

We all love the outdoors for barbecues and pool parties. There is no other time of the year to enjoy this than the summer. There is no cold, no snow, just some sunshine to enjoy the pool, the patio or the backyard. When this time comes, you want the deck, pool or outside kitchen to be in good condition. Working on these during the summer ensures that you will have the most of your outdoor activities.

  1.   You stand a better chance of getting a good contractor

Renovations require a lot of time to plan. If you plan to have your home remodeled during summer holidays when it is convenient for you, then you should look for a contractor early enough. The period before spring and summer is usually an off-season, so most contractors are available. If you manage to book a contractor at this time, you have a better chance of negotiating better rates. You also have enough time to know the contractor and establish a good working relationship, which is vital for a successful renovation project. In addition, you will both have enough time to go over the designs and make necessary changes before the project starts. Also, when the contractors are less busy, they will have the time to offer professional advice regarding the project compared to when they are in a rush.

laid back

  1.   There is enough time to settle back in

A renovation project literally tears down a home, talks of rearranged furniture, emptied rooms and dust everywhere. You certainly will need enough time to get everything in place for your life to assume normalcy. You would also want to relax and enjoy the improvements before the bustles and hustles of life resumes. Furthermore, if you are planning to host people during the holiday seasons, you need your home to be ready before the busy season kicks in. Renovating your home during the summer period will give you ample time to settle back in. You also have enough time to inspect the project and add some personal touches to make it cozy for your family. In addition, you will have extra hands to help as kids are on summer break.

Summer is the best time


Ideally, home renovations are best done when the time is right for you. You might think that the summer season isn’t your best time with the kids at home, or your summers are always busy career wise. However, the above points highlight why you should give it a shot.

In addition to the points above, the fresh blooms and warm weather has a way of spiking inspiration for a makeover. You are most likely to be flowing with creative and clever ideas to achieve your dream home. You will love your home more after incorporating such ideas.

Definitely  Summer is the best time of the Year.

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