9 usual scams in Southeast Asia – ways to avoid them

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9 usual scams in Southeast Asia – ways to avoid them

Planning a Southeast Asia trip? You should read this.  Some of these scams aren’t that dangerous, but some of them can destroy vacation. Southeast Asia has a lot of beautiful places, but be aware of what can happen to you. Usual scams in Southeast Asia :

1. The money exchange scam

This kind of scam is typical for countries whose currency has plummeted. You go to the money exchange and exchange your couple of hundred  dollars for few millions of the local currency. You and the teller both count the money, you take it and go to your hotel. A few hours later, you realize you have less money than you should. Always count the money after receiving them.

2.Kids scam

Kids in Southeast Asia look adorable. However, some of them are trained to rob people. There’s also the milk scam when a kid on the street isn’t asking for money, but for milk and food. You feel sorry for them and go to the store and you buy food for them, only to see that kid returning the things you bought to the market and sharing the profit. Always be cautious around kids.

 scams in Southeast Asia

3.The scooter thief

A very common thing in cities like Delhi and Ho Chi Minh City. The thieves pass by you on a scooter while you’re talking on your phone and they take it away. They are much faster than you and you can’t do anything about it. Hold your bag firm and avoid speaking on your phone when you’re walking.

4.Ping-pong show scam

In Bangkok’s red light districts, you will see lots of people showing you  crazy offers for the night. They will try to lure you into one of their ping pong shows. If  you’re hesitating, they will say that you don’t need to pay an entrance and you just need to pay for your drinks and enjoy the show. You decide you’ve had enough and ask for the bill only to find out that your $2 bill turned into $60. Don’t accept these offers! If you want to see a ping-pong show just go to one of the places that already have reputation for that.

 scams in Southeast Asia

5.Tourist information offices scam

“Tourist information” doesn’t have a lot of meaning in Southeast Asia and lot of scammers operate under this name. If they tell you that a place you want to go to is closed or something similar that means it’s just not on their tours.

6.The closed monument

You are visiting one of the monuments from your list and tuk-tuk driver asks you where are you going. Even if you decide to ignore him, he’ll tell you that the monument is closed. Or that you are not properly dressed to go there if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt.

If you take the bait he’ll say that he knows a better place to visit. Instead, he’ll take you to a bunch of expensive places, like his friend’s tailor shop, his friend’s restaurant or his friend’s souvenir shop. If you don’t see for yourself that the monument is closed, don’t believe the tuk-tuk drivers.

7.The tour guide scam

When visiting some of the tourist sights in Southeast Asia, like the Grand Palace of Bangkok or Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, you will meet people introduceing themselves as guides. The official guides don’t target individuals and you can see them with groups.

8. The special massages

The target of this scam are white males that are wandering around the town on their own. It starts with a girl that approaches you on the street offering you a ‘special massage’ for a low price. After getting to the ‘saloon’ you are held by three big guys that will take all of your money… or else! There are a lot of other safer places where you can do that. The price will be a bit higher, but at least you’ll get to keep the rest of your money.

 scams in Southeast Asia

9.The tea party

This starts when a group of girls approaches you when you walking the street.  maz ask you to take a picture of them or something like that . After somechatting, they invite you to a tea party they organize .You go there,taste different tastes when they start insisting that you should buy one. Bag costs around $120 USD. Just refuse all invites for tea parties.

Usual scams in Southeast Asia – ways to avoid them


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