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A Summer full of Nature in Alta Badia



Excursions, events and initiatives: The ideal place to experience the highest intensity of finest indulgent moments in the mountains.

 Alta Badia (South Tyrolean Dolomites/Italy)a Summer full of Nature

Alta Badia, located in the heart of the Dolomites that Le Corbusier declared to be “the worlds most beautiful work of architecture”, is home to two of the sites that were awarded UNESCO status: the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park and the Puez-Odle Natural Park. The natural parks, under the strict protection of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, include extensive areas of interest in terms of both landscape and culture. They are considered to be extremely valuable because they contribute to keeping the landscapes and surrounding nature in their original condition, giving tourists the chance to experience the area in a natural way.


Explore your way! is a package of activities with different difficulty levels, ideal for those who are searching for a direct and deep contact with nature and with the Dolomites.

Mountain enthusiasts can choose from a range of activities as part of the “Explore your way!” programme, depending on their personal passions. These activities are broken down into four categories. The “adrenaline rush” category is based on activities such as rock climbing, paragliding and freeride biking, whereas the “challenge yourself” category includes via ferratas, trail running, sky trekking and mountain biking. The “explore nature” category is dedicated to enthusiasts of jogging, orienteering, geocaching and long e-bike tours. Last but not least, there is the “recharge your soul” category dedicated to people who need to recharge their batteries. Activities include sunrise and sundown walks as yoga sessions.

Booking a stay at one of the Explore your way! accommodation facilities is perfect for anyone looking for a tailor-made holiday, based on their own requirements. Each accommodation facility taking part in the initiative has its own Explore your way! expert, who can advise guests on the wide range of activities available. The activities can also be booked individually at the tourist offices of Alta Badia


Everyone who takes on the “4 Peaks Alta Badia” challenge can look forward to adventure, adrenaline and breath-taking views. The aim is to climb the four peaks Sas dla Crusc (Sasso Santa Croce) 2,907m, Sasso delle Dieci (Cima Dieci) 3,026m, Lavarella 3,055m and Conturines 3,064m. These demanding tours take excursionists literally up hill and down dale. Climbers follow well-maintained trails, paths and also via ferratas up to the peaks through the awesome Dolomites. Some exposed, unsecured sections of the route add an extra sense of adventure. For those who want to avoid exposures there will be an alternative longer path. To take on the “4 Peaks Alta Badia” challenge, participants need first to register online at All those who complete all four summits in two or more days bear the title “Alta Badia Finisher”. And those who succeed in climbing the four peaks within a single day will be named “Alta Badia Mountaineer” and be granted a place of honour on the online “Wall of Fame”. The participants will get a starter kit that includes eco-friendly products as for example the aluminium drinking bottle that can be reused for innumerable excursions in the mountains.


For decades now, the farmers of La Villa have been taking their cows and horses to the alpine pasture of the Gardenaccia plateau, the mountain in the Puez-Odle Natural Park, that symbolises their village. The villagers once knew a direct path to get here, which was steeper and more challenging than the ones used by enthusiasts today. This path was called “les cordes” (“the ropes” in Ladin) and is precisely where the new via ferrata of the same name was created. The starting point for this via ferrata can be easily reached from the Gardenaccia chairlift, which drops hikers off just 5 minutes from the start. This via ferrata can only be used with appropriate equipment and less-expert climbers are advised to tackle it accompanied by a mountain guide.


Making it to 2000m with minimum effort is easy, thanks to the ski lifts which will be open in Alta Badia from 6th June to 3rd October. By using the ski lifts visitors can now easily reach the Movimënt parks and La Crusc Summer Park, which offer sport and leisure activities for the whole family.

The different types of passes for the ski lifts (Alta Badia Summer Card and the Dolomites Supersummer), along with single tickets, are also available online this year. Further information can be downloaded from This not only allows visitors to avoid long queues at the ticket offices but also stops large crowds forming, ensuring maximum safety for all guests.


Hiking marathon Tru di Pra

The sixth edition of the hiking half marathon “Tru di Pra” (the path of the mountains’ meadows in Ladin) will take place on Sunday, July 18. The starting point of the 28,5 km long marathon is set in the centre of the La Val village. On the route the participants will discover different aspects of the Ladin culture and traditions. They will e.g. reach some of the most characteristic farmsteads of the valley. Magnificent panoramic viewing points, unique historical monuments, meadows where the hikers can stretch out and relax, mountain streams, sources of crystal-clear water, shady woods, expanses of mountain pine, culinary attractions with local products are all the ingredients that make the hiking half marathon a unique experience. What matters for those who take part in the marathon is not the walking speed but the beauty of the route. The registrations have to be done within July 11 at the tourist office La Val or online at The participation fee is of 20,00€ per person.

Boé Slackline Show:

Slacklining is a dynamic and modern sport, which tests a person’s balance and requires the right combination of concentration and coordination. This spectacular sport is even more impressive against the backdrop of a special location, such as in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On Sunday 25th July, a slackline show is planned at Boé lake, 2,250m above sea level.

Some professionals of this sport will be walking along a number of water lines, fixed above the Boé lake, as well as a high line, a band suspended at considerable height between two rocks under the Vallon via ferrata. The Boé lake can be reached on foot, just a 15-minute walk from the top of the Boé cable car, along trail no. 638 that leads to the Vallon via ferrata.

For further information: Alta Badia Tourist Information Offices – – Tel.: +39 0471/836176-847037 – Email:

Alta Badia Press Office:

Nicole Dorigo: Mobile. +39 338/9506830 – Email:

Stefanie Irsara: Mobile. +39 340/8738833 – Email:

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