What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days

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If you have always felt unsure of the things to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days , you have come to the right place!

What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days


Abu Dhabi is not just about the skyscrapers you see in photos  in glossy magazines.

The capital city of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, may be lesser known than the neighbouring city, Dubai, but offers unique experiences to its visitors that no other city does! Abu Dhabi is quickly becoming one of the most visited cities in the Middle East.

Start your Abu Dhabi trip with a day-long tour of the city’s most popular spots? The hop-on-hop-off bus service is perfect to get you acquainted with the city. The 1-day ticket for the Big Bus will allow you to start the tour at any time between 9 am and 5 pm and explore the city at your own pace all day long. Hop off the bus at whichever stop you like and spend as much time as you want. There are buses at every stop every 30 minutes.

Etihad Towers

Get a glimpse of these iconic, towering structures adorning the Abu Dhabi skyline up close.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This grand mosque is the centrepiece of the UAE’s history and culture. Named after the erstwhile President of the nation, this is the largest mosque in the UAE.

What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days

Galleria & Rosewood

A luxury apartment and shopping mall duo that really reflects the Emiratis’ love for opulence.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

This is an 8 km long stretch of sea beach that extends along the Abu Dhabi Corniche Road. Imagine not having to leave the action-packed city life to find a pristine beach in the heart of the city!

WTC Souk

Even if you are not too keen to visit the mall, visit this place to get an idea of how the Emiratis used to shop in the yesterydays. Hand-woven carpets, jewellery, spices and herbs all in one place, taking you back in time.

Heritage Village

You will get a chance to walk around the village, check out little shops displaying various forms of craftsmanship – metal work, carpentry or pottery. If history intrigues you, Heritage Village is a must-visit!

The Big Bus Tour in Abu Dhabi ends with a Dhow or Traditional Boat Cruise along the Corniche.

What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days


Spend the day on Yas Island

It’s time to venture further! Day 2 is all about adventure and adrenalin! Gear up and head over to Yas Island. It’s about 30 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi. Yas Island is home to the Yas Waterworld and the Ferrari World, both iconic destinations in their own right.

Next day start your morning off with some retail therapy at the Marina Mall. It is true that the neighbouring city of Dubai is known to be the ultimate indulgent shopper’s paradise, but Abu Dhabi is definitely a close second!

What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days

Right across the road is Abu Dhabi’s Al Mina Fruit and Vegetable Souk, a vibrant market filled with fresh, local produce. There is also a popular Carpet Souk in the vicinity if you want to check out local mattresses, carpets or cushions to take back home.

Enjoy a Royal Escapade to the Emirates Palace Hotel

A shining star in the city’s glamorous skyline is the Emirates Palace Hotel, a defining architectural landmark in Abu Dhabi. If you are wondering why I would ask you to visit a hotel, let the image below do the talking. Magnificent, opulent and awe-inspiring, everything about the Emirates Palace is larger than life! Ornate in gold, mother of pearl and crystals, this hotel is a sight to behold! Even if you are not an in-house guest here, you are allowed to make a reservation at one of their restaurants and walk in to either enjoy an indulgent meal or just to take a tour.

What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days

Abu Dhabi in 2 days !

Best time to visit Abu Dhabi

UAE has a typical hot desert climate which means that temperature rises to more than 40 degrees Celcius during summers. Temperature is at its peak from June to September, coupled with extreme humidity and intermittent sandstorms. So it is obvious that this is the least favourable time for travelling to Abu Dhabi or any part of the UAE. The period from November to March sees the temperature drop considerably, making it the best time to visit Abu Dhabi. During this time, the morning sun is more bearable than the rest of the year and evenings are nice and pleasant. However, also keep in mind that the cooler months are also very dry as humidity drops. So make sure to keep your body well hydrated and your skin well moisturized.

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What to do in Abu Dhabi in 2 days

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