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Surrounded by the Drava and the Danube River, divided by the Croatian-Hungarian border, bewitched by the swamp in the east and protected by riverbeds in the south and the southwest, whilst connected with wine roads and paths in the north – Baranja is a miraculous destination filled with mysticism and beauty.

In the midst of its unspoilt plain lies Banovo hill (244m), or as it is called by natives „The Mountain “. It is believed that the emperor Prud was the first to bring vines in its vineyards still in the time of the Roman Empire – from which point the wine history in Baranja began.

Baranja is a region where the multiculturality of its inhabitants is prominently visible, both those who live there or are just passing through the area. Tradition and customs are exquisitely appreciated, which is proven by rich Baranja’s traditional cuisine. The main ingredient is a pepper, but there are many “milder” dishes. Kulen, čvarci, fish pepper stew, carp in rowlocks, beans in a jug, are just some of the dishes that Baranja is already famous for in other parts of Croatia and beyond.

Also, there is Kopački rit – an incredible Croatian nature park located right in the middle of the Danube, 1400 kilometres equally away from the spring and the Black Sea. In the width of more than 30 kilometres, it is the largest inner delta of the Danube. A fascinating miracle of nature. Baranja is easy to visit, but the problem is to leave.

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