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The most beautiful beaches in Croatia ?

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We know our beaches are the most beautiful beaches in the world. We don’t know which one in particular because different people have different favorites. Perhaps the one under nonna’s window, or the sandy cove that no one knows about…

This is not a selection of the best or most beautiful beaches in the Croatia but simply a list of the beaches liked by foreigners who may not have seen any other.

So, which beaches do they find most beautiful? Here’s what they’ve selected:

Bačvice, Split

As they say, they’ve learned quickly that Baće is the holiest of places. No one should ever dare say anything different. Bačvice are the best, with the most beautiful girls working on their tan and guys throwing themselves around in shallow waters… Picigin is a form of religion or perhaps active meditation. This is the beach that every foreigner must visit and take a swim at.

Zlatni rat, Bol

There are many beaches in the Mediterranean, but none like Zlatni rat. Turquoise sea and silvery pebbles. With a constant supply of waves and the wind, a paradise for windsurfers and everyone else. Many posters representing Croatia at tourism fairs have a photo of precisely this gorgeous beach. There’s hardly anything more beautiful than this.

Dubovica Bay, Hvar

The island of Hvar and its surroundings offer many coves and beaches. Foreigners find Dubovica the most original and favorite one. Not being deep, it’s perfect for families with children. In the background is the wonderful Villa Beneta, so the only things disturbing its peace in the summer are too many yachts and sailing boats. Hvar is known for its wild night life, but there are also those who come to swim and do not sleep during the day. Dubovica is a favorite among those seeking a bit of isolation and a romantic atmosphere.

Zrče, Pag

The island of Pag is the location of the perhaps most famous Croatian beach. Maybe not for everyone, but for a certain population of young Brits, Scandinavians and other it definitely is. Many who fly into Zadar only transfer to Zrče and go back to the airport the same way. Some don’t even know where they’ve been, in other words that they’ve been to Croatia. Still, that should not make us forget the beauty and the size of the beach itself.

Lopar, Rab

On the island of Rab, the most famous beach is one of the rare real sandy beaches on the Croatian side of the Adriatic. This heavenly beach is a favorite among families with small children. The beach is also popular with nudists. Swimmers have to walk a couple of hundred meters just to get their heads wet. One of the most popular beaches in Croatia.

Banje, Dubrovnik

A fancy beach with the most beautiful view of Dubrovnik. If there is any destination in Croatia known to foreigners, it’s Dubrovnik. Once they manage to get out of the city crowds and want to go for a swim, Banje is the ideal choice. Close, but still a real beach with all of the things that make one’s stay there pleasant. Perhaps not cheap, but nor should it be. Banje is unique.

Travel Advisor gives you a choice to find out. Let us know which one of The most beautiful beaches in Croatia you like?

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