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Best islands for your winter holidays


Best islands for your winter holidays

Hawaii – there are countless islands in oceans and seas, but Hawaii is a truly unique place. This isolated archipelago can be reached by a six-hour flight from California. Nature is fascinating – beautiful beaches, warm sea, tropical jungle, volcanoes which are among the highest in the world and many other heavenly places. The main, but not the biggest, island is Oahu, and it is usually the first stop for visitors.

Honolulu has become a million city since Elvis Presley times. The Waikiki beach is very popular, with thousands of people enjoying the sun there. From Oahu, there are flights to Maui, Molokai, Kauai, Hawaii and other smaller islands. One of the reasons why Hawaii is the perfect place for winter holidays is the fact that it is one of the American states. With the untouched nature, no garbage on the streets, good roads and planned construction, Hawaii will always be my number one recommendation for winter holidays.

Tahiti – Bora Bora, which is often referred to as the most beautiful island in the world, is just one of many islands in the French Polynesia Archipelago. The main and the biggest island is Tahiti. There is the capital city Papeete and a busy airport. Tahiti is a volcanic island and is famous for its black sand beaches. According to some, that is the reason why tourism has never truly developed. However, I liked the island very much. There are many fields used for agriculture, jungle and villages with small houses.

Despite luxury tourism on some islands, French Polynesia is actually a poor country, which lives on grants given by France. Many nuclear experiments took place there, so France is now paying the damages. Except for Bora Bora, I liked Moorea a lot. There are smaller, more luxurious islands, like Tahaa, Raiatea and many others.

The Maldives – There is so much known about the Maldives, but I learned about the ’Post Maldivian Depression’ only after I returned home. Before I visited the Maldives, I was not quite sure what there is to do, because lying on the beach is not my cup of tea. Travelling so far only to spend my time lying on the beach seemed fairly pointless to me, but I realized I was wrong. I spent my time snorkeling and scuba diving and I have to admit that I enjoyed it very much. I took amazing underwater photos, swam with the sharks and I can only say that it was a truly wonderful experience. The stay depends on the category of the hotel – the more expensive hotel, the better the stay.

Each island is a hotel for itself, so the Maldives don’t seem to be the right choice for someone who likes to move a lot – only until you visit. When the day of the departure comes, everyone would love to stay a week more.

British Virgin Islands – the Caribbean islands are all heavenly – but if I had to choose just one archipelago, I would pick the British Virgin Islands. On islands such as St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Vincent or Bermuda there are many luxury hotels, and on Guadalupe or Martinique, there are more cheap ones. The British Virgin Islands Archipelago is a British Overseas Territory located east of Puerto Rico. Islands Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Jost Van Dyke are well known for luxury resorts visited by numerous celebrities.

There are many other smaller islands which are equally popular. The US Virgin Islands are very close, but they are not as developed. The largest islands are St. Thomas and St. John. In winter months, the Caribbean is a perfect place for holidays because the hurricane season ends in November. The best way to explore those magnificent islands is to rent a yacht or a sailboat.

Seychelles – on the map, Seychelles are a tiny dot between Somalia and Madagascar. They have been known in Europe for a very long time, as French and English conquerors left their mark there a long time ago. Names are all French or English, but the culture remained indigenous. The largest island of the archipelago is Maha, with smaller Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette and many others. All bigger islands are very popular among tourists. Hotels are mostly five-star, but there is a growing number of smaller villas and apartments.

Whichever island you choose, you can’t go wrong. The only difference is the fact that smaller islands have a much more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, with little traffic. Maha is a different story, the city Victoria is a hectic place with businesses and shopping malls. The hotels are moved away from the city centre and are located in picturesque secluded bays. A nice example of the harmony between luxury and nature is a luxury development Eden Island, where you can rent apartments or vacation houses.

Best islands for your winter holidays

This is not a perfect list, because one cannot simply choose five most beautiful islands in the world. Many others have crossed my mind, like Fiji, Aitutaki, Martinique or Mauritius. The only criteria why I chose these, is the fact that they have a warm climate and little can be said against them. Perfect places for winter holidays.

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