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Why Bol is “Place to be” this summer

Do you want to watch a few good tennis matches, or maybe a fashion show? Look for a perfect road for a cyclotourist adventure perfect for your personal taste or a location where your favourite music video was shot? Or maybe have a taste of wine from the wine yard on the highest altitude in Croatia, try some of traditional dishes, or even get married? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, you have to visit Bol. Why Bol is “Place to be” this summer

Great comeback of tennis 

To great joy of all sport enthusiasts, Bol is living tennis again! WTA tournament from 125K series, CROATIA BOL OPEN, will bring to this place some new great names, and already it is marked as a great lifestyle event.


Why Bol is “Place to be” this summer

Visit Bol in the second week of Roland Garros, in first half of June, and enjoy in exciting tennis duels, but also in all accompanying contents close to white sport – high quality gastronomy, the sun, the sea, socializing…

Great stage for wedding 

Entire Central Dalmatia is a region of exceptional beauty where chapels on belvederes, historical edifices and Mediterranean ambience are ideal scenography for those who are preparing to get married! If you are a part of this group, Bol will definitely meet your demands, since it is a destination distinguished by its sophistication. Your guests will enjoy in elegant cocktail and aperitif bars, summer terraces, pool bars, and evenings under a starry island’s sky!

That Bol goes hand in hand with art, elegance and beauty is proven by numerous beauty contests and fashion photo-sessions held there, and many show-business artists recognized it as an ideal scenography for their videos. World famous 2Cellos decided to make Golden Cape a great background for their interpretation of the song Chariots of Fire.

If you like a good drop? Discover wine magic! To really understand how Bol people discovered some kind of wine magic, we have to go back to 1903, when wine from Stina winery in the very centre of the place got its first medal in International Wine Exhibition in Paris! Hard work of locals is woven into distinctive taste of these wines that ripen in sunny wine yards.

Enjoy in sweet, mild and creamy taste of prošek, abundant bouquet of red and black fruits of plavac mali or bold fruity richness of pošip.

Bol has good news for those who enjoy in recreation even during the summer. Thanks to ideal atmosphere conditions and steady west wind  maestral, there you can do kiteboarding and windsurfing, and if you prefer sea depths, explore underwater beauties of Bol waters.

Bol cultural summer – something for everyone. Bol’s Summer Nights which are held every Wednesday, theatre shows in Taetrin, night of debut klapas (acappela singing) when klapas for Omiš Klapa Festival are being chosen, Names Festival that unites word, images, sounds, acting and – good food, music-creative festival for the young Graffiti on the gradele (Graffitti on grill)…are only some of wide choice of events in Bol among which everyone can find something for themselves.

Why Bol is “Place to be” this summer

Photo: Tz Bol, CZK Bol, 2Cellos, WTA Bol


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