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Brazil – the country with history, style, glamour and legendary beaches

Brazil is a big country and has a lot of everything. It is almost the same size as the United States and a bit larger than Australia. While many travellers are familiar with the less known parts of Australia or the USA, tourism to Brazil is mostly rooted to a Rio, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls triangle. Brazil – the country with history, style, glamour and legendary beaches.

Brazil experts say that there are richer treats for the visitors in the north-east of Brazil. Historically, this is the area that first attracted the early European explorers.

Salvador was the first city in Brazil and its first capital. Now is the capital of the state of Bahia. In the old town, you will be amazed by rich array of fabulous buildings in a style that reminds me of Portugal. Most amazing are the houses painted in almost every shade of pastel.

There are glimpses of Europe, but you will see much of Africa.  African heritage is strongest here. It’s seen in the rich, spicy cooking and the carnival beat of the drum-troupe orchestras.

If you are looking for sun and sand head 500 miles  north to Recife, capital of Brazil’s northeastern state, Pernambuco. This is the place of , lovely islets and  peninsulas. Visit   Old Recife. It is on its own island near the harbour – the heart of the city’s  music and alternative culture scene. There are some nice historic buildings in the old town centre, which dates back to the 16th Century.

Fabulous Boa Viagem Beach lies about four miles away of town. The five-mile promenade,  with high buildings, isa very desirable area. Boa Viagem is reckoned to be the longest stretch of urban seafront in Brazil.

This is one of the most popular beaches in South America, probably attracting more people than even Copacabana beach. Every night, Boa Viagem beach is lit up, allowing  swimming under the stars and attracting many young people.

When the Portuguese and Spanish drew a line to divide what they thought was the extent of South America, they could hardly have guessed how big the country actually was. Brazil – the country with history, style, glamour and legendary beaches.

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