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Magic Islands

A hotel with a private beach, is that even possible here? It is, in Brijuni. Not only a private beach, but a whole island. No crowds, no fighting for a square inch of towel, no doughnut or burek sellers, no loud music from the nearby bar, no looking for a parking spot for your overheated tin pet. What is there, then? There is peace, quiet, herds of deer, empty bays, bicycle parking, mega yachts, all very refined, decent, and orderly. Even in the summer, the island looks like a scene from a fairy tale. In the sunset, herds of deer and does go out of the woods into big meadows. Rabbits the size of a medium-sized poodle running across paths, and peacocks strutting and shrieking. Alone on a bicycle you ride through meadows and groves, with the lights of Pula visible across the sea… this is a whole other world. There is definitely nothing like it in Europe. Brijuni, the cradle of European elite tourism, remain preserved. Perhaps it is not a bad thing that during all those years of Yugoslavia they were closed to the masses of tourists, or that they were neglected by the Croatian governments.

Preserved nature

It may be selfish, but the nature has been preserved and nothing has been devastated to any significant extent. Brijuni should be visited as soon as possible. Mega projects of different investors will sooner or later turn this oasis into a big, exclusive summer resort, making it either too expensive or closed to those who are not hotel guests. It will probably be better for everyone, but one should visit Brijuni while they are still as they are. The last time I visited the hotel was clean and neat, but except for the refurbished suites, the rooms still resemble the apartments of the Zagreb projects in mid 1950s. But one should not waste words on the hotels, because they are simply not good enough for the environment they are in. One comes to Brijuni for the nature, and not for luxury, even though the prices are quite luxurious. Now, in early September, the price of the best premium room with a sea view is HRK 1,260.

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