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Career Ideas For Travel Enthusiasts

Discover Great Career Ideas For Travel Enthusiasts

Many people dream of the opportunity to travel. If there is an opportunity to earn money at the same time, it is doubly pleasant. Tourism-related professions provide an opportunity to visit new places, broaden one’s horizons and learn a foreign language. However, it is worth dispelling the myth that working in tourism is a fairy tale. This professional activity requires certain knowledge, physical fitness, and certain character traits.

Travel agent

The travel agent must advise the client, and talk about the features of the chosen country, climate, and attractions. In addition, provide the necessary information about hotels and entertainment venues. Well erudite individuals, who can communicate with people, win over and know the peculiarities of many countries are suitable for working in a team.

A travel agent can make a career, depending on his or her efforts, experience, and personal qualities. The trainee has the opportunity to become a top manager, deputy manager, or director of the agency.

Tour guide

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The guide conducts excursions for tourists visiting the city, talks about its sights, makes an overview of each visited object, organises meals for travellers, and is responsible for their safety. The priority is people who know several languages so that it is possible to understand visitors and answer their questions.

You can learn a specialty at distance courses in 2-3 months. However, serious employers rarely consider such candidates. A suitable option is a college or university. Education can be full-time, part-time or distance learning lasts 4 years. Most often, girls under 35 years old conduct excursions. Having received a certain length of service and experience in work, it is possible to become a freelance tour guide to represent the agency remotely. Alternatively, engage in independent tourism activities.

Hospitality manager

Hospitality managers work in hotels and tourist complexes. They accommodate visitors, are
responsible for the comfort of tourists, solve customer difficulties and respond to complaints. Working in a team requires hardy, non-conflict people who can communicate with clients and resolve any situations peacefully.

The hospitality manager has the opportunity to become a general manager or deputy director. Subsequently, having studied all the intricacies of running a hotel business, you can open your own business and work for yourself. The nicest part is that you can pick to live and work near the ocean. Croatia, for example, has a very long coastline with many different hotels on it that you can work on.


Working as a travel nurse can be rewarding. If you have a medical background, you can work as a nurse while travelling. Accommodation and meals are provided free of charge. Earnings depend on the company providing the vacancy. It assumes a certain set of functions. The main element of health care has always been considered the care of the sick during travel. Demands for high-quality medical care are growing every day. Every tourist on the road expects a conscientious attitude towards himself from the nurse. Regardless of the field of medicine in which a nurse works, she must know human physiology and anatomy, modern methods of treatment and examination, the characteristics of medicines, and their compatibility. For such purposes, there are resources by Osmosis as an excellent guide for nursing students while travelling.

Flight attendant

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The steward is responsible for the comfort of passengers, provides first aid, resolves conflict situations, and instructs passengers on precautionary measures during the flight. Most often, girls under 30 with an attractive appearance work onboard the aircraft. A mandatory requirement is knowledge of a foreign language, especially on international flights; you will have to take an exam.

For a novice worker to join the team, you need to have responsibility, sociability, activity, and endurance. A diploma is not always required for work. You can take special courses lasting 3-4 months, followed by working in certain companies. You can study in technical schools or vocational schools. The steward or stewardess has the prospect of moving up the career ladder and becoming the head of the service or instructor.


An animator is a person responsible for conducting entertainment activities for children and adults and taking a direct part in them. The animator is responsible for the mood of the audience, maintains a favourable atmosphere on the stage, and congratulates tourists on holidays. In addition, creative workers are engaged in the selection of musical accompaniment, the organisation of dances and competitions, and the preparation of costumes and decorations for the room.

Animators can work in hotels, boarding houses, and children’s camps. Working in a team requires people who have positive thinking, a sense of humor, responsibility, and communication skills. Most often, girls under the age of 30 work in this area.

Schoolchildren would like to work and travel

Thinking about their future occupation, many schoolchildren say that they would like to have such a job in order to travel a lot around the world and communicate with people. Adults are also not averse to living like this: today in Europe, tomorrow in Asia and so on. Say is it not harmful to dream? Nevertheless, today it is quite feasible.

It is worth noting that travel-related work does not always bring positive emotions and a steady income. Most professions require a prestigious education, good health, endurance, and patience. The level of income at the initial stages of work can be low or barely up to the average, which will significantly differ from the daily efforts applied. Nevertheless, for those who know how to go to their goal, all difficulties will become surmountable, and the funds spent on training will pay for themselves over time.

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