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Alps & Adriatic

What to do in Veneto region

Veneto is a region in northeastern Italy. The capital city of the region is Venice, known for its unique architecture, canals, and history. Veneto stretches from the Dolomites in


Marostica: human chess game

An interesting story from the charming town of Marostica, north of Venice in the Veneto region. The legend of the human chess game dates back to 1454 when Marostica

Alps Adriatic

Alps Adriatic region

The Alps-Adriatic region encompasses an area stretching along the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, comprising parts of Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and partly Germany. This area is characterized by

The route runs along the ring that begins in Alta Badia and leads over the Passo Campolongo to Arabba and the Livinallongo Valley.

Sellaronda Bike day E Dolomites Bike day

 TWO EVENTS WITH THE DOLOMITE PASSES CLOSED TO MOTORISED TRAFFIC The month of June is full of events that are now part of the cycling calendar, and the cycling

Kozarska Dubica hotel

Hotel Zepter Kozarska Dubica

Kozarska Dubica is a desirable weekend destination. Located in the northwest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the border with Croatia, Kozarska Dubica offers various attractions for visitors. The


10 Things to do in Puglia

10 Things to do in Puglia Exciting Activities along Italy’s Heel Photo by Massimo Virgilio on Unsplash   Forming the heel of Italy’s Boot, Puglia is a stunning region


Magic Salzburg in Dezember

One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in this part of Europe The renowned Salzburg Christmas market has roots that may be traced all the way back to the

Messner Mountain Museum Corones

Reinhold Messner Museum Messner Mountain Museum is not only about the most famous mountaineer and alpinist. He is also a good storyteller. One of the museum halls constantly replays

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