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5 of the Most Popular Sites in Greece

When it comes to a pocket friendly trip for you and your loved ones, Greece is your best option in Europe. Not only is it comparatively cheaper than the other countries, it also holds a lot of value and is decorated with rich history. Greek food and Greek drinks are famous all around the world […]

Things to keep in mind while planning a honeymoon trip to Europe

The word “Europe” conjures up images of romance and pleasure. It’s the place to be when you’re in love, with picture-perfect wildernesses, full-blooming tulips, snow-capped mountains, and calm rainy days with the ideal cup of coffee. Europe is, thus, one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations. This vast continent is home to a diverse […]

5 Reasons to Celebrate Summer in Ibiza

5 Reasons to Celebrate Summer in Ibiza   Unmatched sunsets, a raucous nightlife, and historical streets with stone ramparts all collide to give you the much-loved Spanish island of Ibiza. A party place, as is well-known, Ibiza in summer is something of an enigma. You have partygoers dancing until the break of dawn and then […]

Giro d’Italia is returning to Slovenia also in 2022

Giro d’Italia 2022: Find out what’s new! After an excellent performance of Giro d’Italia in Slovenia this year, when the cyclists raced around Goriška Brda with the finish in Nova Gorica, the popular race returns to Slovenia also in 2022. The organizers of the 105th edition of Giro d’Italia announced the stages of the next race and made an […]

Toulouse: color your life in 2022

Find out what to expect in Toulouse in 2022 Niki de Saint Phalle Exhibition at Les Abattoirs Spring 2022 French-American Artsit Niki de Saint Phalle will be celebrated at Les Abattoirs-FRAC Occitanie, Toulouse museum for modern art. Enter the colorful world of this feminist artist who created, among others, Nanas, large-scale sculptures of animals and […]

Getting a Touch of Culture: Top Places to Visit in Europe

Getting a Touch of Culture: Top Places to Visit in Europe Every continent has its unique beauty, and Europe isn’t an exception. Top Places to Visit in Europe.  Here you will find a variety of tourist destinations ranging from beaches, beautiful sceneries, cultural and art centers among others. It’s no wonder Europe has always been […]

20 best things to do in Rhodes, Greece

Find out which are 20 best things to do in Rhodes Katarina from Adventour Begins The Greek island of Rhodes is love at first sight! It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece and a perfect travel destination for those who want to combine rich history and architecture with gorgeous beaches, bustling life, welcoming […]

9 Ways to Experience Luxurious London On a Budget

9 Ways to Experience Luxurious London On a Budget   It is the dream of every travel enthusiast to visit London – One of the world’s greatest cities- at least once in a lifetime. There is a lot to see and do in this city; your only limitation is your budget size. But is it […]

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol, St.Moritz

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol When a hotel is also an Art Boutique, you can expect truly something special from your stay. Namely, Hotel Monopol is also registered as a museum. This means that it is abundantly decorated with original works by famous painters. It’s a real gallery. —————–Best of St.Moritz There are many excellent pieces […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Bucharest, Romania

Top 10 Things to Do in Bucharest, Romania Bucharest is indeed one of Europe’s most visited cities, thanks mainly to its affordability and unique charms. For those who are always interested in experience something different and authentic – Romania’s vibrant and chaotic capital is a great choice. If you are visiting Bucharest for the first […]

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