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The best countries in the world

  The best countries in the world How far will you go for your favourite countries? When it comes to taking the scenic route, no other destination can touch the vast open spaces and dramatic coastlines of Australia.The changing of the guard in the White House didn’t put you off going to the USA. Greece […]

Top 5 most attractive instagrammable spots

Machu Picchu is one of those destinations on virtually everyone’s bucket list – and for good reason. This iconic, archaeological UNESCO World Heritage site was built by the Incan people in the fifteenth century, either as a royal estate or a sacred worship site. The precision of the stone construction, which sprawls over five miles, […]

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Over the last two and a half decades, the combined mountain gorilla population of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo has increased to almost 900 from 620. What impact, if any, has responsible tourism had on this upswing? There are the rules of gorilla engagement in Uganda. But it wasn’t always so. We’d just walked through […]

Magical suspended rocks – Meteora

Magical suspended rocks Meteora At the very heart of Greece, in the province of Thessaly, there is a magical place that is worth visiting (at least) once in a lifetime – Meteora. For a very long time, this rock formation with Orthodox monasteries had been on the very top of the list of places I […]

Green is the new Black

As everyone says, on March 17 everyone’s a little Irish and celebrates their inner Irishness. So I have put together 10 main facts about St. Patrick’s Day: 1. Who is St. Patrick? Well, St Patrick is definitely the most famous patron saint of Ireland. According to the legend, he brought Christianity to the island, made […]

Moroccans through the eyes of a foreigner

Even though while travelling in Morocco I have seen numerous amazing buildings, experienced the magic of souk, woke up in the desert, I won’t talk about that. I will write about Moroccans –  Rashid who learned English, Spanish and German and became a tour guide. About Zahra who shared her sweets and fruit in the […]

Thailand As It Once Was – KOH KOOD

  Although I’m of a free and adventurous spirit always seeking new thrills, something keeps bringing me back to this unique and beautiful country. The people, the positive energy and the freedom – this will always welcome you in the land of a thousand smiles. This time the decision was to visit eastern Thailand, the […]

Danubiana – located at the very heart of the EU

The narrow, elegant peninsula in the midst of the mighty Danube is the location of a rare amalgamation. Museums take decades, or even centuries, to be established and grow under the patronage of kings, popes, states… Danubiana emerged out of nothing. The enthusiasm of Dr. Vincent Polakovič and the financial resources of the Dutch collector […]

Salar de Uyuni

Jeeps across Altiplano – from Uyuni to the Chilean border The huge area covered with a layer of salt several meters thick is not only important transport-wise, but also has a great economic value for Bolivia. Although the Lonely Planet has described it as ‘the greatest nothing on the planet’, the salt contains lithium, which […]

Brijuni Islands

Magic Islands A hotel with a private beach, is that even possible here? It is, in Brijuni. Not only a private beach, but a whole island. No crowds, no fighting for a square inch of towel, no doughnut or burek sellers, no loud music from the nearby bar, no looking for a parking spot for […]

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