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Most expensive places to visit in 2023 (and how to pay for them)

The year 2023 is geared up to break all tourism records – as the post-COVID world emerges travellers are making up for lost time and spending all of that quantitatively eased cash like its going out of fashion (which it may well be). So the time is nigh to make big plans and visit those […]

All You Need To Know About The Gokarna Tour Package

Text author: Jasmeet Singh One of the 7 significant Hindu pilgrimage sites is Gokarna Gokarna is situated on a beach that was originally undeveloped and is close to the river Aghanashini’s estuary. Many younger Western tourists first began traveling to Gokarna about thirty years ago because of its relaxed, untainted and rural atmosphere. Locals with […]

Beautiful Places to Visit and Activities to Do in Zimbabwe

Author: Junaid Hasan Have you ever questioned your ability to go to the mysterious continent of Africa? Visit Zimbabwe if you ever have the chance; it is a beautiful nation. Zimbabwe is a country in South Africa with many towering and beautiful natural surroundings. Travelling to Zimbabwe will captivate you with its stunning natural scenery, […]

The Most Beautiful Mountains in the United States

The Most Beautiful Mountains in the United States The mountain ranges, like the rest of America, are diverse and sought after by hikers and mountain climbers from all over the world. Some climb ice cliffs in preparation for bigger, more difficult slopes overseas, while others simply enjoy the splendor of these natural beauties from their […]

Seychelles: “Dream archipelago” gets global recognition

The Indian Ocean’s nest of love and romance wins World’s Romantic Destination for 2022 It is the season of love all year round in the Seychelles, once again taking home the title of the World’s Most Romantic Destination for the third consecutive year at the 29th World Travel Awards. Receiving the accolade is a reflection […]

What Are the Things You Must Do When You Travel?

What Are the Things You Must Do When You Travel? Trying to finish everything at the last minute? Doing that before traveling is difficult. Before you depart, make all the essential plans and arrangements to ensure a smooth process. This includes obtaining a passport and visa, making travel and lodging reservations, and making travel insurance […]

Going Somewhere? Travel in Style with These Tips

Going Somewhere? Travel in Style with These Tips Traveling is fun. From waking up to new settings, exploring landscapes you’ve only studied in school, meeting new people to seeing views you’ve only seen in movies- everything about traveling is amazing! The world is incredibly magical and every living being should travel and experience this magic […]

6 Important Things the Airbnb You’re Staying In Should Have

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or this is your first trip, there always seems to be an ongoing argument about whether renting a hotel or an Airbnb is the better option. In reality, it is down to personal choice, but using an Airbnb is easier – and much cheaper. It may be considered a bit […]

Konya – Rumi,s place

Konya The seat of the same-named province and the seventh-largest city in Turkey, Konya is situated north of the Taurus Mountains on the southern edge of the Anatolian plateau. The metropolitan area, which has over two million residents and a thriving industrial sector, is located at an elevation of 1016 meters. Brief history The area […]

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