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Marseille has transformed into a cultural centre of the Mediterranean

Marseille has transformed itself from a notorious harbour city into a cultural centre of the Mediterranean. The city is an excellent example of how you can turn a location into a desirable destinaton by investing smart into cultural programme. By this I primarily mean the MUCEM – Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la […]

Enjoy “La Bella Vita” on an Italian Opera Cruise

One of the most lavish barging experiences we offer is our Italian Opera Cruise, which departs from the “City of Canals”, Venice, and travels down the Po Valley to Mantua. Those with a passion for the music and drama of opera are sure to be seduced by its impressive itinerary. Join like-minded opera enthusiasts on […]

Fat E-Bikes now available in Alpe d’Huez !

More popular by the day, the Fatbike is a mountain bike with wide tyres. A real alternative to skiing, it enables you to cycle on any terrain and even on the snow. Fat E-Bikes now available in Alpe d’Huez ! In Alpe d’Huez the French Mountain Resort, electric Fatbike are now available for visitors. Guests can ride them on safe and dedicated areas […]

Winter at Alpe d’Huez keeps getting better

It has beena great winter so far at Alpe d’Huez and it keeps getting better ! With 1,5 meter of fresh snow fallen lately, conditions are perfect to enjoy unique experiences at The French Mountain Resort. Check out how our Chinese friends enjoyed carving the FIRST TRACKS at sunrise, on the perfectly groomed SARENNE slope. From 3300m to […]

Advent In Vienna

The Christkindlmarkt takes place this year for the thirty first time in its original form, in which it became the first-rate tourist attraction. Vienna has more than 6 million overnight stays during Advent. The most numerous tourists are Germans, Americans and Italians. The tradition of gathering before Christmas has been present for a long time […]

Meribel is in the heart of the three valleys

Three valleys make a winter ski paradise. In other words, the ski resort with no competition in the world. Look at the numbers: 600 kilometres of ski slopes with 328 tracks, more than 1,500 hectares designated solely for skiing and 166 ski lifts on the said property – it all makes for a harmonious system […]

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a geographical but also a cultural term that marks the province on the south side of the island of Sulawesi, once known as Celebes, in Indonesia. Although situated on the island, which is about 2,000 kilometres long and where more than 20 million people live, Toraja does not lie on the sea […]

The Bucharest Parliament

The Bucharest Parliament In 1977, after the catastrophic earthquake in Bucharest, the notorious communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu started the reconstruction of the city. He needed something big and important to prove the people that he is the best leader in the Eastern bloc. The Bucharest Parliament.   On the 25th June 1984, the construction of one […]

San Francisco in One Day

“San Francisco in One Day” is a tourist adventure and challenge to explore one of the biggest and famous cities in California. All done in one day well planned ahead of time. Including Alcatraz island, Pier39, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard street, downtown, cable cars, Coit tower and well known Victorian houses of Alamo Square. Catching […]

What to see in Bamberg

Bamberg is a town in Upper Franconia, Germany, on the river Regnitz close to its confluence with the river Main. What to see in Bamberg ? On the river Regintz is a strip of buildings which mainly constructed in the middle ages. Formerly the fishermen’s village, this part of Bamberg has been one of the most […]

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