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What to see in Celje, Slovenia

Celje is the third-largest city of Slovenia. In the Middle Ages the city was the center of the only Slovenian state that had managed to maintain the complete independence. Celje is Slovenian city for family trip.
The old castle the city’s major attraction. This is actually a fortress and the largest one in Slovenia. The Old Castle Celje is located on top of a hill, about 2 kilometers from the city center. Walking up is a good easy workout but you can also approach by car.

The oldest building in the city is St. Daniil’s Monastery built in the 14th century. In the Middle Ages, the monastery was a central building in the city. The temple is an example of the Gothic architecture. It has preserved beautiful interior elements finished in the 16th century.

The history of  city is closely linked with water. Celje was actually built on water. Floods are one of the worst nightmares for the people of Celje.

The Savinja river once had a great impact on life in Celje. In the second half of the 19th century, the river provided a great impetus to tourism. At that time, city was building attractive image thanks to the crystal clear water of Savinja. In addition to the famous history of the Roman period and the counts and princes of Celje, it was the water that attracted vistitors to the city.

The city is a good starting point for tours to the surrounding area, which is extremely rich in cultural monuments, nature and restaurants. Another reason  travel to Celje is to visit the museum located in Velenje Castle.

Celje Regional Museum is located in the old city center of Celje. It is the second oldest museum in Slovenia. There are many displays regarding Slovenia’s history and archaeological facts related to Celje. The archaeological site exhibition is particularly impressive, taking you back all the way to the Roman Empire times.

EMO, famous slovenian dishes same as our grandmothers used to have is made in Celje. It’s very chick and usable, so it could make a great souvenir from this beautiful city.

An extraordinary woman, a writer, a worldwide traveller, an explorer, a polyglot, and a theosophist as well as a cosmopolite, Alma M. Karlin was a distinguished personality from Celje and is indelibly imprinted on the mind of the city and its inhabitants.

If you are visiting Slovenia, Celje is a place you definitely have to see. Have a walk around the wonderful old city center and admire the architecture. The river adds to the calmness of the city, offering a lot of great relaxation spots.

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