Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire

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A magnificent combination of lush greenery and fine old stone overlooking the river, the Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire lies at the heart of the Loire Valley UNESCO World Heritage site’s cultural landscapes.

An Arts and Nature Centre since 2008, its ambitious programming has made it an unmissable rendezvous for art and garden lovers alike. Its threefold identity – as architectural heritage and a centre for fine arts and the art of the garden – distinguishes it from its fellow Loire châteaux.
Open 363 days a year, the Domain is bursting with life whatever the season. Its year revolves around three major events: the Art Season and the International Garden Festival in the spring and summer, and the Chaumont-Photo-sur-Loire photography exhibitions in the autumn and winter. EThese highlights are interspersed with numerous opportunities to share in the beauty of the site and exceptional creative experiences including Autumn Splendours and the Winter Gardens.



The team’s productions include a whole host of innovations with materials put to unusual uses in a wholly intriguing way,, such as an extraordinary metal lace carefully crafted by a “landscaper-jeweller”, a surrealist sky of white features, incredibly innovative dyed resin flooring and comfortable seats made of braided rope. We will also see colourful glass partitions, coloured bricks bearing the name of plants and sculptures of perfume phials among the many poetic and unprecedented scenes on display in our gardens.

The teams have also invented structures, forms and scenarios that have never yet been seen at Chaumont-sur-Loire, such as an extraordinary yellow bridge spanning a garden, providing an alternative vision of paradise, and an unusual hanging garden that skilfully uses industrial materials.

The spirit of converting and recovering unusual objects and using them in alternative ways is also very much in evidence, with, in particular, the use of emergency blankets, plastic bags and translucent Plexiglas. On the plant side, remarkable collections of orchids, Strelitzia and Euphorbia ingens are making an appearance in 2019.

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