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Japanese cherry blossom forecast of 2017 released


Predicting when will be the best times to view the flowers in different parts of the country in 2017, The Japan Meteorological Corporation has released the first part of its annual cherry blossom forecast for 2017


‘Cherry blossom viewing’, or hanami, is one of the most popular activities of the year in Japan. It is  occurring every spring when the trees come into beautiful  bloom. Locals and tourists alike flock to a range of different locations around the country to appreciate the vibrant pink and white petals of a wide variety of trees. Sakura is the most well-known. Natural wonder only lasts for a short, between March and April. This  makes timing essential for anyone hoping to catch the bloom at all it’s beauty.


According to the forcast, in 2017. Tokyo will be experiencing an early bloom, with aflowering date of 22 March and an expected full bloom date of  30 March. Osaka is expected to see flowering on  28 March, with a bloom of 4 April. The trees in the Hokkaido prefecture are to have a full blossom in May.



The viewing of cherry blossoms is one of the most anticipated events in the Japanese calendar.

Flower buds of cherry trees are formed during the summer of the preceding year. Before they start to flower, they enter a period of dormancy. After that a period of growth. The flowering meter provides a quantitative measure of cherry trees current progress toward flowering. This is allowing a better estimation on the best time to take part in Hanami.



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