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5 tips for newbies – China

China – impossibly vast and fascinatingly diverse – remains a travel destination with an unquestionable mystique. To help you venture into the unknown, here’s guide to the most populated  country on earth. 5 tips for newbies – China:

1. Language

It’s always advisable to try to learn a few words and phrases before you visit faraway counties, but in China it’s almost essential. TryMandarin classes before you go beacuse Mandarin Chinese is the default language in almost every part of China. One thing you should always do when traveling around China is carry with you Chinese-language business cards of your hotel or of places you wish to visit so you can show passers-by, taxi drivers, bus conductors and the like.

2.You should have itinerary

China is massive, unbelievably large. It contains the world’s highest mountains, some of the world’s largest deserts, remote jungles, seemingly endless grasslands, and, of course, many of the world’s largest cities. You would need months and months of travelling to even begin to do it justice. Most popular regions are Sichuan, Guangxi and Beijing.

3. Weather

At any time of the year there are places in China that enjoy ideal weather for travel. Generally speaking spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons, although not in all provinces, and in many parts of China spring and autumn are no more than a few weeks long.

4. Use public transport

Ditch the taxis and the airplanes and hop on buses, bikes and trains to see China how the locals see it. Sure, it’s easier flying from city to city, and then taking a taxi around each one once you’re there. But where’s the fun in it? China’s public transport systems are already extensive, and getting bigger and better every year and many towns and cities are well set up for cycling – cycle lanes abound in Beijing, for instance. And don’t worry about getting lost. Chinese people in general are extremely friendly, helpful and honest, especially to foreigners who can’t speak Chinese, so there will always be a local on hand to put you back on track if you lose your way.

5. Eat, eat and then eat some more

China has many wonderful features but its attraction is its food. As this tasty introduction illustrates, cuisine varies tremendously from region to region and even breakfast  can be an assault on the senses. Try as much food as you can. Don’tavoid the street food. it’s  the best part of a county’s experience.

5 tips for newbies – China.

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