Cruises That Will Take You Around the World

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Cruises That Will Take You Around the World – Insanely Long and Ridiculously Expensive

Many cruise lines offer extended cruise itineraries that will take you around the world on a luxury liner. Spending several months traveling the globe could be a reality, especially if you’re wealthy.

Cruises around the world

The Viking World Cruise

For prices starting at $49,999 per person. Go on a 141-day voyage across five continents, starting in Miami and ending in London. You’ll set sail aboard the new Viking Sun and explore some of the world’s most historic cities and port.

Cunard New York to New York Cruise

Queen Mary 2 is a remastered luxury ship that boasts the largest ballroom at sea and regal amenities. Ports of call include Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Port Said in Egypt, Singapore and Naples, Italy. You’ll be away for 134 nights to explore some of the world’s most historic and culturally-rich destinations. The cruise departs from and returns to New York City. Prices start at $29,589 per person.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Los Angeles to Los Angeles Cruise

This 137-night adventure starts and ends in Los Angeles. From there, you’ll see Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji, New Zealand and other destinations around the Pacific. Then, you’ll circle around to the Atlantic, where you’ll head to Brazil, then to the Caribbean Sea for South America destinations and Mexico hotspots. All-inclusive tour cruise with two-for-one fares starting at $59,999 per person.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Los Angeles to New York City

Spend 131 nights aboard the Seven Seas Navigator, visiting dozens of destinations around the globe on one of the longest world cruises. You’ll travel to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Tahiti, the South Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, India and several other destinations in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, before trekking back across the Atlantic to Bermuda. Fares start at $58,999 per person.

Oceania Cruises Around the World in 180 Days

The voyage of a lifetime! 180-day globetrotting cruise from Miami to Miami. The Oceania Cruises Insignia ship travels from the southern Caribbean and Pacific Riviera to French Polynesia, New Zealand, Asia, the Mediterranean and Europe, among other destinations. Fares start at $38,999 per guest.

Silversea World Cruise 2018

From Los Angeles to Rome in 121 days. Travel through Polynesia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe while enjoying gourmet dining and modern luxuries aboard the ship.. Fares start at $57,850 per guest for the Vista Suite and $182,150 per guest for the Owner’s Suite.

Seabourn 152-Day Great Oceans Exploration

Nearly half the year cruising around the world with this 152-day excursion that starts in Miami and ends in Vancouver, British Columbia. You’ll be staying on the Seabourn Sojourn as you travel to South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Far East Asia and then to Canada. There are plenty of onshore activities at various ports to enjoy. Prices start at $65,999 plus taxes, fees and port expenses.

Crystal Cruises World Cruise 1: Stunning Skies & Halcyon Harbors

114-day world cruise on the Crystal Symphony ship, with stops in South Africa, Mozambique, France, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, the French West Indies and the coast of Florida. Fares start at $36,130 per person and include a $2,000 spending credit.

Seabourn 110-Day Americas, Africa & Asia Exploration

Travel the world in luxury aboard the Seabourn Sojourn. 110-day excursion that takes you to several ports around South America, Africa and Asia. From Rio de Janeiro to Ho Chi Minh City. This world cruise is perfect for travelers who are hungry for adventure. Fares start at $44,999 plus taxes, fees and port expenses.

Cruises around the world

Crystal Cruises World Cruise 3: Storied Treasures & Journeys

If you want to explore the historic sites of Europe and cities around Africa, this is the world cruise for you. You’ll be traveling aboard the Crystal Symphony starting in Cape Town, South Africa, and heading to Rome on a 129-day adventure.Cruise-only fares start at $51,560 per person.

Azamara Club Cruises 2018 World Journey

Visit 29 countries and 60 ports for this 102-day world journey that takes you from Sydney to London. This is one of the longest cruise itinerary options for 2018 and includes stops in Australia, Indonesia, Borneo, Vietnam, Oman, Luxor, Israel and several European countries before ending in London. Pricing varies by itinerary but starts at $39,930 per person plus fees, taxes and port expenses.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages Grand Round the World Cruise

Spend 121 days enjoying the Columbus ship’s amenities as it takes you to destinations around the Caribbean, Panama Canal, the South Seas and Australia. The World Cruise will take you to many historic and modern cities for a mix of cultural experiences and unforgettable adventures. Saver fares start at $10,479 per person.

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