Dalmatian Zagora – Equestrian tourism

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Former rocky and rugged region with recognizable highlander style is becoming known as one of extremely attractive tourist parts of central Dalmatia. Of course, it is Dalmatian Zagora.

Apart from developing theme roads, cyclotourism, eco-ethno villages, recently in places of Dalmatian Zagora, equestrian tourism has been developing.  Namely, Sinj town and Cetina region have bred and trained horses since olden times. The proof is world-famous Sinj Alka which has been held for over three centuries.  Equestrian tourism is becoming strong in Trilj and Vrlika as well, while in Dugopolje sports tourism in form of marathon and football tournaments is being developed.

Dalmatian Zagora - Equestrian tourism


Development of equestrian sport is linked to year 1979, when Sinj’s hippodrome was opened, for equestrian sports tournament.

Dalmatian Zagora - Equestrian tourism

Equestrian club Alkar was founded in 1968, and from this club a series of top riders and state representatives in horse-riding have emerged. There are several smaller private stables on Sinj area, where some of the finest and most awarded horses are bred. On wider Sinj area there are four equestrian clubs.

Dalmatian Zagora - Equestrian tourism


Another place famous for its natural beauties. Experience Vrlika through terrain horse-riding along rocks of Svilaja mountain and the surroundings. Apart from sport and recreational riding, visitors are also offered horse-riding school and horse-riding for beginners with a guide. For disabled or mentally challenged persons therapeutic horse-riding is organized.

Dalmatian Zagora - Equestrian tourism


There are stables and equestrian clubs in Trilj as well, which organize horse-riding schools for beginners and preparations for competitions for professionals. Equestrian club St. Mihovil in Košute on Drinići part has in its offer therapeutic, recreational, steeplechase and dressage riding, and also horse-riding school. Terrain horse-riding lasts for one our  through six or seven days of riding tournaments. Several tourist agencies on Trilj area organize interesting programmes of equestrian tourism.

Dalmatian Zagora - Equestrian tourism


There is an ideal place for all nature and animal lovers – rural household Grabovac, located in Gornji Proložac, near Imotski. Beginners and recreationists are offered horse-riding that brings an incredible experience, after which you can enjoy in homemade gastro specialties of Imotski region. With all this, near Imotski, there is a ranch in Lelasi village on 2,5 hectares that also has equestrian tourism in its offer.

Since Dalmatian Zagora is still unexplored natural area, it offers many possibilities for development of new types of tourism, like equestrian.

Prepared by:Mirjana Vasiljevic

Photo: archive TB, HC Sveti Mihovil

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