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What could Emirates-Etihad merger deal mean for aviation ?

A combination of Dubai-based Emirates and Abu Dhabi’s Etihad would be the airline industry’s deal of the decade, if it can be pulled off. Executives at the those companies have been quietly laying plans to create what would be the world’s biggest airline by passenger traffic. The group would have combined revenue of $29.3 billion and control almost 5 percent of the world’s airline routes. Etihad and Emirates publicly deny merger talks.
State-owned Emirates and Etihad, two of the Middle East’s top airlines, denied a Bloomberg report on Thursday which quoted unnamed sources as saying Emirates was seeking to take over smaller Etihad to create the world’s largest carrier.

“There is no truth to this rumour,” an Emirates spokeswoman told Reuters. Etihad made a similar statement.

The airlines have traditionally been arch rivals, with their hubs competing to attract the same transfer passengers making long-distance trips between Asia and the West.

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