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Guide to female solo travel

Guide to female solo travel. There are many of travel guides for the solo female traveler, we wanted to put together a  female travel resource for anyone whether you are a first-time solo traveler or a well seasoned traveler.
Follow your wanderlust just make sure it’s a safe destination. Always know what to expect before you go. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip better. Start by knowing yourself. If you can’t handle unwanted attention from men, book tickets to places that are more female friendly.
Research before you go
Research before you go—weather, local customs, dress codes. Make sure you know the basics of what to expect in country you are visiting. Always book your first night’s stay in advance. And always have a backup plan.
Pack only what You Need
Avoid Overpacking. Nine times out of ten, you’ll stuff your luggage with items that end up never seeing the light of day.
Face Your Fears

The world is a beutiful, magical, challenging and fascinating place. Travel is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. Don’t let your fears,  of safety, thoughts of being lonely, or concerns of getting stranded stop you from discovering yourself and the world. Go travel even if you aren’t sure.

Traveling Alone
Solo travel gives as much as you put into it. Be confident, smart, and informed—you’ll find the destination blooms right before you. Open up, be warm and friendly, and get to know the locals. A smile can go a long way in helping you meet fascinating people and like-minded travelers.
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