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Fête du Citron® chose their theme for 2024

Preparations for the 90th edition of the Fête du Citron® (lemon festival) already begun

As Paris prepares to welcome the sporting world in 2024, the town of Menton is also getting into the Olympic spirit.

© Marine Marrec

The 90th edition of the Fête du Citron® will have as its theme “The Olympic Games from antiquity to the present day”. In the Biovès gardens and on the floats of the corsos, the Fête du Citron® invites you to leaf through the history of sport, from the Olympics to the modern with a special guest, our unmissable John Lemon, who has already started training.

This edition promises to be grandiose, full of novelties and surprises

© Marine Marrec

And in view of the immense popular success of this 89th edition of the Lemon Festival®, which is coming to an end, Yves Juhel, Mayor of Menton and President of the French Riviera Community, has decided to keep the Biovès gardens open in 2024. 

© Marine Marrec

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