Finland’s tourist guide in 5 steps

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From extreme temperatures in saunas to Northern Lights hunt on freezingly cold nights, Finland has something for everyone! Finland’s tourist guide in 5 steps:

Finland’s tourist guide

1. Don’t get lost in numerous activities

With a relatively low population, a large part of Finland is forests and lakes. All biggest cities are located on the South. In the North, inside the Arctic circle, you will find Lapland, the winter tourist activity center. So, there are four main directions in tourism: cities, nature, winter in Lapland and things that are special for Finland.

2. Find your way in Lapland in winter

Around Christmas, Finnish Lapland is at the peak of activity! The land turns into the endless white wilderness. The major activities are winter sports, northern lights hunt, reindeer and husky safaris.

Finland’s tourist guide

There you can meet Santa at his office and send a postcard to be delivered to next Christmas. You can easily see the northern lights independently, but if you take a guide, check the forecast beforehand and go on an active day.

At Christmas time, the prices in Lapland go up and most of the places are booked. If you take a trip in early spring you would see all the same things, but cheaper.

Finland’s tourist guide

3. Find your outdoor activity

Finland is known as a land of thousands of lakes, there are also thousands of islands. Sunsets and moonlight create colorful reflections in calm Finnish waters.

On of the things you should do is taking kayaking trip. There are no mountains in Finland, so hiking trails are not as scenic as in Norway, but they are definitely much more friendly for a beginner.

4. Understand the cities in Finland

Finnish cities combine modernity and closeness to nature. The houses are made with large panoramic windows and almost everywhere you see trees. Most of the activities are in the biggest cities: Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Finland’s tourist guide

Most of the cities have good connections to national parks and parks are very well managed. Cities in Finland have very good bicycle infrastructure so rent a bike.

5. Get to know what is special in Finland

Finns love  saunas, there are so many, that they can fit all the population of Finland. In the place you stay, you can ask: “where is your sauna?”

Finland’s tourist guide

Finland is the home of Moomin, visit the Moominland and some of Moomin shops.

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