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First time in Rome ?

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First time Rome? It is easy to see a lot, no matter how limited your time is. It’s good to plan ahead, but ambling aimlessly is also a joy: at times it can seem like there’s an ancient wonder around every corner. Rome has a lot of history hidden in all corners of the city. Just don’t stress about trying to see everything. A lifetime is not enough to se all wonders of  Rome.


Following the Via della Conciliazione, you will find yourself right in the heart of Vatican, in the Piazza San Pietro, in front of the iconic Saint Peter’s Basilica, surrounded by the beautiful columns.

first time in rome

If you wish to have a beautiful panoramic view from Rome, you can visit the dome of the Basilica. Leaving the St Peter’s square, take the street to your left and follow to the Vatican museum. It is a huge museum and requires time to be visited completely. After that go straight to the Sistine Chapel.

first time in rome

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is actually a rectangular square surrounded by ruins of important government buildings. This used to be the center of the daily Roman life, it’s here that the market used to stand. Besides, that’s the area where public speeches, criminal trial, and gladiator matches used to take place.

first time in rome


The size of the building is really impressive when you realize it was built so many centuries ago by people who didn’t have access to the technology we have today. To get inside you need to buy the ticket, it includes the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

first time in rome

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps or Scalla di Spagna or Scalinata della Trinita’ dei Monti is one of the most known places where Rome comes together. The stairs starts at the Piazza di Spagna and leads up to the French church, Trinità dei Monti. Although almost always full-packed, the stairs are definitely worth visiting. Both tourists and locals alike enjoy sitting and lingering on and around the stairs to soak in the place’ s romantic ambience and to enjoy the scenic view. It is popular tourist destination for pilgrims, artists and writers who seek for inspiration to write.

first time in Rome


Built more than 1800 years ago, the splendid Pantheon still stands as an aide memorie of the grand Roman Empire. The name Pantheon refers to the building’s original purpose as a sanctuary for all the pagan gods.Today, the building is still standing at a standstill despite the lapse of time. Instead of rectangular, as one is accustomed to most temples, the Pantheon has a round shape. Archaeological excavations in the late 20th century have determined that the Pantheon built by Agrippa was completely destroyed in the huge fire of 80 AD.

first time in rome

Fontana di Trevi

Rome has many fountains scattered throughout the city, but really, they are not as impressive as this one. The statues are so detailed that it feels like they will move at any moment.

first time in rome

If you don’t mind walking, the best way to see Rome’s sights is mainly on foot. Sights are concentrated in certain areas, so you can spend one day in Ancient Rome, one day in the Vatican, and so on.

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