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First time in Vienna? Vienna cafe scene, style, art and some of the best spots in Vienna are something  unique. City is so rich with beautiful and inspiring places to visit. This city is magical.
Vienna  is the capital and largest city of Austria and one of the nine states of Austria. Austria’s primary city has population of about 1.8 million and its cultural, economic, and political centre. It is the 7th-largest city by population within city limits in the European Union. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was the largest German-speaking city in the world, and before the splitting of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War I, the city had 2 million inhabitants.
The wine culture in Vienna is really blooming. It’s no surprise as Vienna is the only capital in the world that provides significant quantity of wine within the city itself. There are almost 700 hectares of vineyards and around 200 vintners in the city.  Enjoy it in the local Wine bars, stay at Wine  hotels and walk the Vienna’s Wine Trail.

Vienna is rich with beautiful and inspiring places to visit. If visiting Vienna in summer, you will be able to enjoy the long sunshine accompanied walks and picnics in parks. During winter, you get beautiful walks but don’t feel so bad about spending a lot of time indoors. So many beautiful buildings, art spaces and the chic Vienna cafe scene, that you can have an amazing time in the capital of Austria without stepping out on the streets.

Rathausplatz is the main place where to go in search for events or activities. It’s located in front of a majestic building that looks like a fairytale castle but actually is a town hall. The park next to the town hall is the place where the Christmas market and ice-skating rink is located during winter time. During other seasons the place offers different events like film festivals, circuses, restaurants food stands and more.

Michaelerplatz is not just another architectural masterpiece but also a grandiose square with an important historical value. There are several impressive historic buildings located around the square including St. Michael’s Gate to the Hofburg Palace and St. Michael’s Church. The Michaelerplatz is one of the favourite photo spots in Vienna.

Along with the royal architectural masterpieces that Vienna is rich with, stands a special artistic masterpiece called a Hundertwasser House. It’s a house designed in different colours and shapes in a fun and playful way. The Hundertwasser House is a home for many residents and each one of the do have a right to decorate the façade around their windows.

When looking for the most beautiful places to visit in Vienna during winter when you can’t just chill around in parks, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral really stood out.  It’s  possible to climb up two towers of St. Stephen’s Cathedral which is  a great work out and a chance to see an awesome view of Vienna from above. That’s  a great way how to experience a city.

The Albertina museum is a beautiful building with the beutiful surroundings. The entrance of the museum is a level higher above the streets of Vienna, giving a possibility to look around from above. The area around the museum is full of royal buildings, sophisticated looking parks and even a butterfly garden next door. Museum holds the worlds largest drawing and old master print collection with more than million art works.

Peterskirche  or St. Peter’s Church stands right in the middle of all the city buzz and is another beautiful sightseeing photo spot in Vienna.

Belvedere palace are on the top of the best spots in Vienna list as they are in the middle of a beautiful place with sculpted hedges, graceful fountains, and cherubic statues, creating a real historical movie feeling. The gardens and the lake are nice compliments to the magical buildings around them.

The Museum Quartier is one of the largest and most exciting museum quarters in the world. It’s unique because it offers some of the best art collections in the world for example at the Museum of Contemporary art, lively restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s a popular meeting spot for people with a creative outdoor lounge furniture for people to enjoy.

Vienna is  located in the middle of Europe and it’s very easy to get to it from nearby countries. Vienna has an international airport as well, so air travel is also a good idea. It’s really easy to move around Vienna using a public transport. Metro is connecting all the main areas of Vienna and is super easy to understand, as all the stops and directions are always clearly marked.  Everything was reliable, clean and safe.

The ticket costs 2 EUR and are the cheapest way how to move around Vienna besides walking.

The food and drinks culture in Vienna is awesome.  Austrians are creative in every aspect of life, including in the Vienna cafe culture. There are so many interesting places to eat and each of them has  unique and cool concept.

Vienna is a home of many historic buildings and establishments.

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