How Long Vacation Should Be According to Science?

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Half of workers in the United States leave vacation days unused, and when they do take a vacation, they tend only to enjoy a four-day break. How Long Vacation Should Be According to Science?

It’s time to change all that. Science to prove it. According to research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the ideal length of a vacation is exactly eight days.

An eight-day trip gives travelers enough time to unpack, get their bearings, and settle into a new, more relaxed routine. After the eighth day, those positive vibes and wellness benefits start to dissapear, according to the researcher’s findings.

 How Long Vacation Should Be According to Science

Researchers noted in their conclusion, “It takes some time to wind down after a stressful work period and acclimatize to vacation.”

And the benefits of an eight-day vacation may be well-worth the time off sacrifice, as travelers will discover they’re sleeping better, feeling diminished stress, and experiencing an overall feeling of wellbeing long after returning home. And for these reasons alone we should all be planning longer vacations.

This doesn’t mean you need to pack your bags for an around the world getaway. Even people who choose to stay close to home will have the same physical and psychological benefits..

Simply taking time away from what stresses you out, be it work or responsibilities around the house, will  provide you with the same positive benefits as an eight-day trip abroad.


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