How To Get Online On The Go: Internet Access When Traveling

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How To Get Online On The Go: Internet Access When Traveling


Traveling is always an exciting experience especially when you are doing road trips because you get to view the beauty of nature outside while on your journey. If you are going by a public bus, you could tire out sometimes from the sightseeing. So, how else do you get excited? Getting online on the go is another way to make your journey very interesting. Most times people are hooked on their phones at home or in school, leaving out relevant things that should be done. Perhaps, the best time to do this is when you are traveling. Let us see some tips on staying online on the go.

Check with your mobile provider for roaming packages

Internet Access

Using the internet while traveling could hit you hard financially if you don’t take the right measures before commencing your journey. Check with your mobile phone company to know if they offer any roaming package or international plan for countries you will be visiting. This will help you to get online easily and also pay cheaper rates. T-mobile in the U.S. and Three in the U.K. let you purchase overseas roaming packages. These can let you get online on the days you really need to. Now, this method is only useful if you won’t be online for all of the journey. If you want to use the internet over a prolonged period, then you may consider other options.

Get a sim card

sim card

A better alternative to staying online for extended periods while on the go is going for sim-only deals. This also depends on the country you are traveling to. All you need to do is to purchase a SIM card for your device for the country you are traveling to. You can buy it before you arrive at the location you are traveling to or when you get there. You can then use the sim card services for your data needs. However, for this to work, your handset needs to be unlocked. Check with your carrier and ask for them to help you unlock it. They will if you are allowed to. With sim only deals, you will be able to get the maximum speeds available in any location you find yourself.

Use a mobile hotspot

Internet Access

A mobile hotspot is another means by which you can stay online on the go while traveling. It is a device that connects to a cellular network for data and creates a local WiFi hotspot to that you can connect your devices. This means that you don’t have to unlock your phone. A good advantage of using wifi is that all your friends can connect to it if you are all traveling together. Some mobile hotspot devices offer 4G, meaning that you can get very good speeds while surfing the net. You can even boost your signal by connecting an external antenna.

Consider a VPN


Using a Virtual Private Network when traveling is necessary to keep your data secure. When connected to a public WiFi network, it is possible for hackers to hack into your private information if you are not protected online. Apart from this, you do not want someone else tapping from your browsing data. A VPN can save you from this and also from fraudsters. There are a number of travel VPNs you can choose from. Two of them are Private Internet Access (PIA) and NordVPN. PIA offers all the features you could need from a VPN. There are lots of servers to choose from and support for streaming platforms. NordVPN is one of the most highly reviewed and accepted VPN services around the world. There are multi-year plans with competitive pricing. You can consider one of the two options or any other option that has great reviews online.


Final word

Internet Access

Knowing that you can go online to check just about anything gives you more confidence to travel, especially to a place you have not been before. You can easily do transfers from your bank, pay for goods, look for good hotels to lodge in, and find your way if you are lost with the help of the internet. So, it is more like a traveling companion these days. Apart from all these, the internet can also keep you company with trending news and movies online. You also get to keep up with your friends on social media if you are online.

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