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How to meet locals in Cuba?

How to meet locals in Cuba?

Stay in casa particulars

In Cuba, travellers can stay in casa particulars, which are a cross between a bed and breakfast and crashing with your friend’s mom. Local families across Cuba rent out a room or two (or sometimes more) in their homes to travellers, and since these lodgings are peoples’ homes, rentals range from cozy rural bungalows to multi-storey villas. Each experience is as unique and memorable as the homes themselves: For a few extra CUCs (Cuban convertible pesos, the local currency), casa owners will provide home-cooked meals, and can even arrange activities and excursions with local guides. Staying in a casa particular is a wonderful way to connect with local families — after a few days, you’ll feel right at home.

Hire local guides

Hiring a local to show you around their town is like exploring it with a friend. She’ll know the nuances of their town, and can share stories about the history and culture of the area while introducing you to locals. Our guides in Havana, Viñales and Trinidad, brought each city to life, and helped us understand aspects of Cuban culture that we might have missed on our own. They also shared important tips like where to find the best ice cream, the tastiest fried plantains, and venues with the best music, and where to see the best sunset views in Havana.

Take a class (salsa, anyone?)

Most of Cuba’s cities and towns have an array of classes of available for short-term travellers. From Spanish immersion to cooking classes to salsa dance lessons, there’s plenty to explore that will connect you directly with locals. And there’s the added bonus of learning about Cuban culture, whether it’s food, dance, or the language, through these classes. Both private organizations and universities offer an array of classes for travellers, so brush off those dance shoes, roll up your sleeves, and install a Spanish-language app on your phone.


How to meet locals in Cuba?

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By Genevieve Hathaway /G Adventures

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