Ikoma Tented Camp in Serengeti on the way to ecological sustainability

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Ikoma Tented Camp is truly a unique place.

During our journey through the National Parks and regions of Tanzania, we slept in a different type of accommodation every day. Most of the time, they were tented camps. Ikoma left a special impression for several reasons. The tents are situated on a hill overlooking the endless plains, so the view from them is something to remember.

Ikoma Tented Camp
Ikoma Tented Camp

I can imagine myself, as the sun sets, sitting on the tent’s terrace in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or some other beverage, gazing westward at the sunset. The colors change as the sun dips, and the animals begin their nocturnal activities. The park is like a living organism that, depending on the time of day, has its own rhythm of life and death. The terrace in front of the tent and the animals grazing in the distance create a view that will be etched in memory. Adding the colors of the setting sun, we get the perfect backdrop in the heart of the African savannah.

bedroom tent

In the camp itself, there is a security service that is active throughout the night, although there’s no need to be afraid as wild animals do not attack structures, whether they are tents or built houses. In fact, the word “tent” must be considered very flexibly. They are furnished like a beautiful and comfortable bedroom with a large bed, wardrobe, and a private bathroom and toilet. At night, the curtains on the windows are closed and lowered as needed. It’s true that the nights are filled with the sounds of the savannah, including the roars of lions, but that’s exactly why we came to Tanzania and Serengeti National Park.

The settlement is located just outside the park boundary in the area through which the great migration passes. The restaurant is situated in the middle between the tents and offers a delicious breakfast and dinner. There’s also a bar where you can socialize on a large terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available in these areas.

Game drive vehicles are powered by electricity

Ikoma Tented Camp

What sets Ikoma Tented Camp apart is the use of electric vehicles for safari drives, be it daytime or nighttime safaris. This unique offering is a rarity among other camps. Getting within just two meters of lions or other wild animals, while the vehicle moves almost silently, provides an unforgettable experience.

Night game drive
Night Game Drive

There is no sound of engines or the smell of fuel. The company deserves credit for the idea and execution since they purchase the vehicles, install electric motors, and assemble them in their own workshop near Arusha. This is truly a visionary step towards a sustainable future.

Sunrise walking tour

Walking Safari
Walking Safari

The sunrise walking tour was an intriguing experience. In the company of guides and armed escorts, we walked through the savannah for two hours and learned a great deal. We saw elephants, giraffes, and zebras slowly moving away from us as we approached. We learned about plants, ant hills, animal tracks on the ground, and their movements toward the river. The walk concluded on the banks of the Grumeti River, where we were greeted with a warm breakfast and tables set in the splendid surroundings of the savannah and the natural serenity.

Ikoma Tented Camp is a place where you can spend several days, not only in search of wild animals but also enjoying the pool with a view of the Serengeti.

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