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First and only Croatian wine on the official royal wine list

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Iločki Traminac is the first and only Croatian wine on the official royal wine list. The connection between Ilok Cellars and the British aristocracy started in 1953. when this wine was served at the crowning of the British Queen Elizabeth II.

Iločki Traminac

Thanks to the former cellar Franjo Volf, there are still 89 bottles of this iconic Traminac left in Ilok Cellars. He and group of workers managed to hide 8 000 archive bottles including the ones from 1947, just before the war occupation of Ilok. They built a barrier wall and saved the basement from the aggressors.

Traminac from the harvest of 1947, Ilok Cellars are the only Croatian winery whose wines are still served on the royal court today. If someone from outside wants the royal treatment, they have to pay 7 500 euros for a bottle of Traminac from 1947.

The special relationship continued in 2011. when Ilok Cellars sent ice harvested Traminac from 2007. as a gift for Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

Iločki Traminac

This wine that won the largest number of medals ever won for one Croatian wine at international wine ratings. “International Wine Critics and Journalists Association” declared it the wine of the year 2010./2011., puting it on the 19th place on the list of 100 best wines of the world.

Iločki Traminac

The tradition continues today with this year’s wedding of Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle. Selected berry harvest Traminac from 2015. The wine of Ilok Cellars from the exclusive limited line of predicate top quality wines from Principovac area will be sent to a couple. This wine was awarded a medal at the Decanter World Wide Award in 2016.

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