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Is this the most beautiful city in Europe?

I had tought that there is nothing to explore in Europe and esspecially in Budapest, so I had started looking for destination that will prove me wrong. I had founded that destination. That destination was Budapest.
Budapest had proven me wrong that there is nothing to explore in Europe and especially in Budapest. I had learnt many new things. I had learnt that we have to be polite and mind just our business. World is huge. There is always something new to explore.
We had frozen due to low temperature. It was -6. Budapest is capital of Hungary. It has population of 3 milion. 10 milion of tourists visit city in a year. It was founded in the middle of 19th century, to be precised 1873, connecting Buda and Pest.
Buda and Pest used to be two different cities. Buda was built on hill and Pest in the valley of the river. Now it is connected with 9 bridges over Danube. Danube flows into the Black Sea. It flows through 10 countries and 4 capital cities. Each of those cities starts with same letter, letter B. Belgrade, (in Hungarian) Bécs (Vienna in English), Brarislava, Budapest.
The oldest and most popular bridge is Lancihd bridge. It has nickname of Lion’S Bridge. It has been built by the count Ishtvan, because he was late to his father’s funeral in Vienna (originally in German – Bundeshauptstadt) due to bad weather and he was not abel to cross over the river.
The bridge has been built for seven years. Fisherman Bastion was built from 1895 to 1902. It was naned after fosherman who were looking Buda’s castle from there. City has the biggest termal (možda najbolje da dodam bath) water in Europe, so in the 1930’s city got nickname “City of SPA’s”. The most famous and the biggest square is Hero’s square. That is an empty thumb for the unknown soliders in memoriam to the killed soliders in uprising in 1956. Local currency is Forint (FT) and 1 EUR is aprox. 300 FT.
By: Mirza Humo
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