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Road trip Jordan – 700 km in 7 days

Target of road trip was visiting one of the seven world’s wonder. Before we started traveling we had not make a schedule. We just made main frame of the road trip as alwaaay considering the fact we always travel and organize journejs by ourselves.
There were three of us. Driving throught unsecured roads, I felt scared that we will turn off the road. Sometimes I had felt there is no end of roads. I just wanted to arrive as soon as possible to our destination, so I could gone out of the car on the safe secure place. Some roads had no street lights in the evening.
Morever it was very foggy and road goes through the dessert. Some roads are not properly protected, especially in dessert places. We had planned to avoid driving a car during the night. Cities are a bit different story. We had read diaries and maps during road trip. Of course, before the trip we had bought Jordan Pass online which includes visas and ticket. It costs 70 JOD per persone.
We had saved some money barggeling. We had rented a car after landing in Amman. We had asked a mauel car. Automatic was the only choice. Car was OK, but my sister was the one who drove. However, I had prayed all the way like there is no tomorrow. Joke on the side. Food was tasty comparing food in Egypt. We had problems taking money at the ATM. There was not enough money. Later we had found that they take euros and dolars.
Amman is capital of Jordan. First we had arrived there after the midnight. It was called Philadelphia. It has a nickname White City because their embassy donated money so they could painted all the buildings in white. City was built on the seven hills, as Rome, now it spans over 19 hills.
Touristic attractions are placed  on east side. Main attraction is roman theater. It has 6000 seats and it host culture events. Second attraction is the Hercules themple. The evidencies founded there proves that themple is 1000 years old. It was built on 850 metres. Seond stop was Jerahs. It was restored 70 years ago.
After Madaba 4th stop was lake called “Dead Sea”. It was named after 30% salt in its water which can harm eyes and wounds. Morever there is no life in water. Healty mud could be founded at the lake’s banke. It is perfect for those who cannot swim because it is impossible to sink due to its shallow water.
Next stop was mountain Nebo. It is believed that Moses had dided there after he had seen promised land from that place. Musem La Storia presents culture of arabs. It is located near Nebo. Next stop was Al Maghtas church before the Jordan river which is long 300 metres. It flows throught Izrael, Palestina, Jordan. Jordanians and Palestinians will never admit Izrael as country because they consider that country as Palestina.
That is not new fact. It is 3000 years old fact. Its wide is hardly 20 metres and depp 5 metres. It has lost 90% of water in last 50 years. Jessus’s culmination was baptism at that river. He had not had to be baptized, because he was prophed, but he had done that to set an example to his followers.
Last most beautiful and most difficult daily trip was red lost city of stones – Petra. Petra means stones. City is made of red stones. City was hidden and unknown until 1812, since swiss explorer Ludvig desquized as Arabian. Anyway you have to see everything by yourself to clear out the truth. If you do not have time or you are out of shape, you can ride donkeys and horses. Ride costs 1 JOD and it is considered as a tip.
In the end we had to dicded to go to Wadi Rum or go back to the Dead Sea again, because we had thought that we would not have time to arrive in time to catch a plane.
By: Mirza Humo
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