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La La Land Los Angeles

What to see in Los Angeles? La La Land locations !!!

For starters, it is best to visit the locations where the mega popular La La Land was made. Rent a car, install a GPS, and set off into the highway network.

The loop between highways 105 and 110 is not a place to linger, except during rush hour.

The apartment that Mia lives in is in Long Beach, in a Moorish style building. The Warner Bros studio where Mia works and the Smoke House restaurant are close to the famous Universal Studios. The best-known location, Griffith Observatory, is located in the eponymous park offering perhaps the best view of Los Angeles. Grand Central Market is one of the liveliest locations in the city, full of hipster wineries, Mexican and Chinese restaurants, and very trendy nightlife venues. Hotel Chateau Marmont is an icon of success and the place to be in the best part of Sunset Strip.

These locations are not something you can see over a one-day sightseeing tour. They may not be first rate, but they do give you the right impression of the city, its residents, and their way of life.

Some people love LA, some don’t. For some it is the best place in the world to live in, and for others merely a vast line of cars. As the center of the movie industry, it has ‘lent’ many of its parts to various movies.
La La Land, the Oscar winning movie, was used by the Los Angeles tourist board for promotion purposes.

There are special tours of the famous movie locations organized, just as they once were for the Pretty Woman, which made Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills popular. This summer, there will probably be crowds hitting the popular locations from La La Land.

Producers toured the city for months looking for the best romantic locations, and from the looks of it, they succeeded.

Enjoy the film and, of course, Los Angeles – a city that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Marc Platt, producer for the film, said in a statement. “You get a feeling both of the romantic fantasy of the city and its grounding in real lives.”

The film was a whirlwind around the city of angels; It was shot at 48 locations in just 42 days.


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