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Latest news from Bali

Here are the latest updates and news from Bali.

Another eruption from Mount Agung could destroy the valley below it.


A bigger eruption than we have already seen could happen at any moment, experts have said. But for now, at least, islanders have an anxious wait.

More than 65.000 people are living in temporary shelters after the mass evacuation.

Holidaymakers stranded in Bali have flooded social media with pictures of selfies on the backdrop of the smoking volcano.

Data collected by Nasa’s satellites suggest that the highest concentrations of SO2 are around the erupting summit, but individual pockets have floated towards Java Island. An Indonesian government scientist said a larger eruption is possible, but also that the current levels of lava, ash, sulfur, and carbon dioxide emissions could continue for weeks.

Indonesia’s Social Affairs Ministry has allocated some 500,000 masks to prevent people from ingesting too much of the toxic fumes.

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The erupting volcano closed Bali airport for most of the week, leaving thousands of tourists stranded, before the winds changed and flights resumed. Airlines have cancelled flights scheduled to repatriate holidaymakers who have been stranded by the erupting Mount Agung following predictions that the wind changes will smother the flight path with ash.


Bali Airport (Ngurah Rai) Denpasar – Indonesia

Latest news from Bali :

Actress Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role as 11 in hit Netflix drama Stranger Things, took to Instagram to reveal she had been temporarily stuck in Bali due to the volcanic eruption.

“Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have been in Bali after traveling through Australia,” the star, 13, wrote. “I wasn’t able to return home after a four day break turned into 10 days due to the volcano.”

She thanked staff at the hotel where she stayed.

In 1963, Mount Agung’s eruption killed more than 1,600 people on the island over several months — and that was merely a “moderate” eruption.

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Agung Volcano at Bali threatens to erupt


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