Lavender fields in bloom in Provence

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When and where should you go to see lavender fields in bloom in Provence? Lavender is in bloom from June until the end of July.

When does it get picked? Well, it depends on weather conditions and season. However, by the end of July most fields cease being purple.

Where can the majority of lavender fields in Provence be found?

There are well-marked lavender roads that lead from fields to distilleries. The majority of them are located in the Luberon province near the Mont-Ventoux Mountains  in the regions of Sault and Valreas. The most dazzling postcard could most certainly be the view of the Notre Dame de Senaque Abbey and the lavender field right in front of the church. Because of the numerous tourists visiting it, this is the field where last lavender flowers in bloom get collected sometime in August, so it gradually loses its colour. You should try to reach it by nine o’clock in the morning at the latest, or sometime after 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

lavender fields in bloom in Provence

Plateau Valensole gives out the impression of the sea of purple shades bordered by greenery on its edges, within which the sweet symphony of various scent notes floats through the air.

Lavender is used in the production of soap, cosmetics, fragrances, but also in gastronomy. For example, lavender sorbet is a treat you should make effort to try.

Some of the distilleries to visit in order to see the processes in the production of lavender products are: Les Agnels, which has been producing lavender oils since 1895; La Ferme de Gebraud, which is a beautiful 25-hectare plantation; Lavender Farm, where more than two hundred lavender varieties are being cultivated; just to name the few amongst many others. The cultivation and lavender products in Provence are of great economic importance, almost as big as wine is, especially in the Pays de Sault province.

lavender fields in bloom in Provence

The Lavender Museum is located in Cabrieres d Avignon, in the suburbs of Avignon. Its doors remain open from February to December. Various exhibits related to this plant, dating as far as from the 16th century, are exhibited there. The museum offers its visitors an informative video with audio guides in various different languages as an aid in learning all important information regarding this plant.

When is the best period for planning a visit to lavender fields?

If you want to go there before crowds and tourists, which is from mid to late June, it does not mean that you are going to be alone in the fields. However, you can still manage to film quite a number of great photos and possibly even the selfie of your dreams. That particular period in France is still relatively quiet since it comes just before summer school holidays start.

When do lavender festivals start?

The first festival is located in Ferrassieres and takes place on the first Sunday in July. The largest and by far the most famous one is in Valesole, taking place on the third Sunday in July. The last one is held in Sault on August 15th.

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