Los Angeles – the city of dreams

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Ever dreamed of going to California and exploring Los Angeles – the city of dreams?  The most fascinating places in Los Angeles are totally worth visiting!

Los Angeles – the city of dreams

First things first. You should rent a car to get around easily!  Don’t rely on public transportation in LA, it can’t keep up with the usual standard of other bigger cities! Car will give you the possibilities to get around quickly and comfortably and will separate you from the usual tourist crowd.

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

1. West Hollywood

If you want  glamorous neighborhood and truly experience the Hollywood vibe, West Hollywood is the right choice for you. Staying there gives you the opportunity to have some quiet space for yourself. At the same time  it is close to the most fascinating places Los Angeles. Places to eat in West Hollywood:

  •  Katana, an extremely delicious sushi restaurant with a magical atmosphere in the evening!
  • Alfred Coffee, a stylish coffee place with healthy and fresh choices for warm LA weather.
  • Gracias Madre , a vegan and all organic Mexican restaurant
  • Urth Caffe, grat place for lunch with a great choice of different beverages
  • Little Next Door, a lovely French restaurant with delicious food and great wine
  • Hinoki and the bird is a little further away (Century City) but the restaurant is so beautiful and lovely. A great recommendation for lunch with an outstanding menu and unique interior design!

West Hollywood is  not only the best place to stay, eat and shop. Place also makes it easier to reach  most fascinating  places in Los Angeles without long drives.

2. The Hollywood Hills 

Exploring the neighborhood of famous Hollywood stars and magnificent houses is one of the most fun activities.

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

3. Griffith Park & Observatory

After afternoon in the Hollywood Hills your day is ended well with a hike in Griffith Park and a stunning sunset view from Griffith Observatory. The drive up there takes some minutes and is usually quite busy. But it is so worth it!

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

4. Skyspace LA

The views from Griffith Observatory and Skyspace LA are quite different but both breathtaking.

5. A Dodger’s Game

If you are into sports, visiting a baseball, basketball or football event in the United States absolutely is a big deal.

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

6. Venice Beach

Muscle Beach in Venice is also worth visiting if you want to get active instead of watching others perform. Even if you feel lazy and just want to enjoy the sunny Cali weather, Venice Beach will never bore you. Rent a bike, bring your inline skates or just stroll around, there is so much to explore.

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

7. Santa Monica

If you are into rollercoasters and vivid beach promenades, this is the right place for you.There are fantastic cocktail bars in the area and lovely shopping places as well, so it’s a great place to enjoy a fun afternoon with amazing beach views!

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

8. Culver City

A great place to visit if you want to experience unique street art and take great pictures . You will also find the Sony Pictures Studio.

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

9. Malibu

Malibu is located outside the city but it’s one of the most beautiful areas. The beaches are amazing and if you want to go surfing or do other watersports, this is the place for you.You should have a lunch in SunLife Organics, delicious place to eat or at Nobu Malibu.

 Los Angeles - the city of dreams

Eating by the beach and listening to the crashing waves in combination with excellent food really makes a perfect night.

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