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North Macedonia Your Destination

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Hospitable people and locals will make you feel like home, but you will practice a new experience, merging with the beauties and products from our country.

North Macedonia’s tourism products are made up of a combination of rich cultural and natural heritage; this is characterized by wide spacious landscapes of lakes and viewpoints that create peaceful moment of gratitude. The growth in tourism in North Macedonia is due to the country’s abundant natural beauty, which is never more than several hours away.

Villages in North Macedonia still keep the authentic smell of untouched nature, forests rich in fruits, pastures and fields resembling a carpet of colorful flowers and herbs. The scent of fresh made cheese or yogurt, the smell of traditional food, the aroma of homemade wine or tea made of curative plants, the smell of flowers that warms your soul and returns you to a distant and simpler time. Visiting a rural village, no matter if it’s in summer or winter, will offer you the opportunity to feel for a moment the idyllic life, to find peace, and get away from the stresses of today’s world. For a moment you can give yourself over to the rhythm of a traditional way of life, relax in the village atmosphere, admire the pristine environment and wonderful landscapes, and enjoy the clear and fresh air, and pure mountain water.

North Macedonia Your Destination

There are around 1600 villages and rural regions in the territory of North Macedonia. Their inhabitants are very welcoming and the food is traditional and prepared with local, ecological ingredients. Villages in North Macedonia offer a unique opportunity for walking, trekking, and climbing, and many offer important historic and cultural monuments, monasteries, and Neolith sites.

The centuries-old village of #Brajcino. You will never find out how crystal clear, fresh, and easy can be the air until you visit the centuries-old village of Brajcino. You are accommodated in the bosom of Mount Baba, at an altitude of 1000 meters, along the valley of the pure Brajcino River. Above you rise several mountain peaks, and from a distance you see the tranquil blueness of Prespa Lake.
#Ljubojno means Love. The village of Ljubojno is a place with a rich spirit, history and tradition, which is mentioned for the first time in a charter of 1337. It is located approximately 2 km east of Lake Prespa, at an altitude of 920 meters. It is spread in the western bosom of the gorgeous Baba Mountain, and Brajcino River runs along it. It is said that love fortifies this village, because at the root of its name the word love is hiding.

The picturesque village of #Janche. By the winding canyon of one of the most beautiful North Macedonian rivers Radika, there is an amazingly picturesque village Janche. The surface of the village is only 4.8 km2, and it rises at an altitude of 760 meters. Janche is one of the oldest settlements in the Miyak region, more than five centuries ago in the Lower Reka region. It is mentioned in the documentation of the archive in Istanbul.

North Macedonia Your Destination

#Babino air bath amidst untouched nature. There is a belief that the Apostle Paul was on one of the three hills between which the village Babino was located, during his visit to North Macedonia. Perhaps this is why this region is unusually blessed with an exceptional wealth of potable water. Only along the course of the Basrenicka River, almost at every hundred meters there is one spring, until its inflow into Crna Reka. Nestled under the undisturbed oak forest in all its types: Blagun, Cer and Gorun and half-century oak trees, 650 to 700 meters above sea level, Babino is an ideal air bath. The climate is contributing for it to be a desired destination for recreation and rest at any time of the year.

#Trpejca is hospitable and quiet. Trpejca is an old fishing village located in a natural hollow between the rocks on the east coast of Ohrid Lake. This village with a rich history can be reached by the road from Ohrid to the monastery “St. Naum”. The village has been welcoming and sending lovers of the morning waves, hospitable and quiet, full of lake magic. The village will especially be loved because of the intimacy it offers, and even more so if you enjoy taking walks, then you can also take a look from the nearby mountain towards the pearly Ohrid water.

#Lesnovo – natural and spiritual beauty. One of the most unique villages on the territory village of Lesnovo. The village of Lesnovo is located in the northeastern part of the country. It is the only settlement of North Macedonia, especially for its location that lies in a clearly expressed and preserved fossil volcanic crater and among the oldest villages that has not changed its position for centuries!

North Macedonia Your Destination

Staro Nagorichane and the church “St. Gjorgji” in memory of Prohor Pcinski. 25 km from Kumanovo, at the foot of Mount Ruen, on the right bank of Pchinja, is the village of Staro Nagorichane. This place has historical significance, because in its vicinity the Via Egnatia highway used to pass. The stone path can still be visited. The most important spiritual treasure of the village of Staro Nagorichane is the church “St. Gjorgji” from the 11th century, which has a great significance and is a wonderful example of medieval Byzantine architecture. Above the church is the hermit cave of St. Prohor Pchinski.
“If Macedonia is a biblical country, then #Galichnik is its last relic!” – Petre M. Andreevski. Galichnik is a tourist attraction because of its authentic architecture, rich cultural heritage and admirable landscapes, and is one of the most beautiful mountain villages, famous for its rich pastures, beautiful yellow cheese and white cheese, as well as for its outstanding constructors and builders.

#Vevcani state in the state. In Vevcani, almost everything is in the watermark. There is so much water in the village that for a moment will make you think that you are in a rural Venice. It is spread in the foothills of Jablanica, at a distance of 14 km from Struga. Vevcani is abundant with city charm. Today it represents a symbol of independence and a protest for decisions that do not correspond with the local interest of all associated inhabitants. And to this day, they declare themselves a state in a state.
#Krklino for fans of riding sports. In the western part of Pelagonia, 5 km from Bitola, is the village of Krklino. In the east there is a flat plateau, and the Oblakovska Mountain rises to the west of the village. It is a favorite location for visiting by the locals, primarily because of the wonderful panoramas, which from this place open to Pelagonija and Pelister.

North Macedonia Your Destination

Water luxury of #Kolesino. Koleshino is located at the foot of the mountain Belasica, in the southeastern part of North Macedonia. The nearest town of Strumica is 19 km away. The village is famous for its picturesque Kolesinski Waterfall, formed on the Baba River and 19.5 meters high. This village delights especially with the water splendor.
Fishermen village #Radozda. In the far southwestern part of Nort Macedonia, the fishermen village Radozda is in the vicinity of the town of Struga. The village is characterized by serene tranquility, peaceful life and meek inhabitants. This beautiful village with a long history and a rich spiritual life is both created for pleasant moments and for complete comfort. All you need is to be left alone to the sounds of nature and to the gentle waves of the Lake Ohrid, where Radozda extends.

#Mariovo one of the most picturesque areas in North Macedonia. Mariovo is a historically, culturally and naturally rich region. It is one of the most picturesque areas in North Macedonia. Rural region with incredible landscapes of priceless natural beauty. The most famous is the Mariovo (female) costume, which is among the colorfully richest Macedonian folk costumes. Interesting is the fact that the bride’s Mariovo costume weighs 48 kilograms!

North Macedonia Your Destination

#Gorno Nerezi a favorite place of Skopje residents. Gorno Nerezi is a hilly village located on the western part of the northern slope of the mountain Vodno, at an altitude of 600 meters, i.e. Gorno Nerezi is a village in the Municipality of Karpos, in the vicinity of the city of Skopje. Nerezi is a favorite spot for the people of Skopje and an attractive tourist destination for foreign visitors.

#Lazaropole in Bistra’s arms. Lazaropole is the second-largest village in the Mala Reka region, and at the same time one of the highest populated places in this region. It is situated in the middle of the tame nature on the Bistra plateau, at an altitude of 1350 meters, with a location that looks slightly secluded from the rest of the world.
#Caska district with the most beautiful villages in North Macedonia. In the central part of North Macedonia is the rural municipality of Caska, which is characterized by excellent geographical position. This municipality is known for the highest peak of Jakupica Mountain, Solunska Glava (2540 meters), as well as the attractive rivers Babuna and Topolka, which flows through the alluvial plain, which is due to river deposits.

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