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Magic of December – places to visit in Europe

Magic of December – places to visit in Europe!

Knowing where to go in winter in Europe can really make or break your trip. In order to make the most of the European winter you need to know where to go to capture that winter magic. Whether its knowing where to go for the best powder, where to cozy up in cute and charming winter towns, or just where to get the best hot chocolate in Paris.

Christmas in London is one of the most popular times of year to visit. Traveling to London during December is one of the most expensive times. The extra money may be worth the experience of seeing Harrods department store covered in more lights than normal and Trafalgar Square’s giant Christmas tree.

The holiday season arrives with twinkling lights up and down the grand boulevards. Shop windows decked out with festive displays and the arrival of the popular Christmas markets. December is one of the most magical times of the year to visit Paris. Take a whirl around the ice skating rinks at some of the city’s most iconic spots, go window shopping at the grand magasins and enjoy Christmas in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

This city is an expensive choice so be sure to save your pennies. However it is entirely worth while and a tiny bit cheaper over the cold season.

Prague and Budapest
Two cities in central Europe. Prague is a delight year round but covered in a blanket of snow it becomes even more magical. Budapest is another great city that. Budapest is worth spending a few days to warm up in the public thermal baths which are an experience in themselves.

Vienna and Salzburg
Both of these cities are charming year round. However, with a strong chance of snow they are two of top choices for a winter escape. December in Europe means one thing, Christmas, and the Viennese sure know how to put on a festive display. From the atmospheric Christmas Markets, quaint Advent traditions, to the wrapped-up high street stores, there is plenty to choose from and something to suit every taste!With an abundance of glistening baubles, beeswax candles, boozy punch, spiced biscuits and plenty of traditional gift ideas, there is no better way to get in the festive spirit than with a stroll around Vienna’s Advent markets. Winter in Salzburg has its very special charm especially at Christmas. The hectic summer festivals are replaced with Advent music, Christmas markets and other traditional Christmas celebrations.

Magic of December – places to visit in Europe

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