Marseille has transformed into a cultural centre of the Mediterranean

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Marseille has transformed itself from a notorious harbour city into a cultural centre of the Mediterranean. The city is an excellent example of how you can turn a location into a desirable destinaton by investing smart into cultural programme.

By this I primarily mean the MUCEM – Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée. On the part of the coast where once ugly and mainly desolate warehouses stood, there is a modern multimedia centre, rapidly turning into one of the main spots where mediterthe ranean culture is cherished.

cultural centre of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean and the town Marseille are strongly bound together. It’s not only the coastline and the sea that brings them together, but also the cultural heritage and variety of the inhabitants who came to the city at times of crises and wars.

The city itself draws its roots from the Roman age. Legend has it that the city owed its existence to a wedding gift, being a symbol of love between a Roman soldier and a Gallic beauty.The city was later inhabited by many other settlers. The Italians, known to be good builders, came and stayed here, after having invested their effort into propelling the fame of the city in the 18th century.

cultural centre of the Mediterranean

The Armenians fled the war and its misery and gladly stayed in such a beautiful area. The Algerians came here in 1964, right after France lost its colony. Every collaborationist had to leave Algeria and settled in Marseille. They may well be mostly held accountable for the bad image of the city , but this image has considerably changed. Ever since Marseille became the city of culture in 2013, everybody somehow became very proud of the city they had been living in and have started to feel respect towards the place.They took it as their purpose to work on a better life together.

Norman Foster’s installation, Miror Ombriere, is especially attractive. It’s like a giant rooftop mirror providing shelter from the rain and sun.  Swarms of people takes pictures of their reflectins and many interesting photos are uploaded on the internet and social platforms. Just as Instagram proves to be the most efficient marketing tool for a given city nowaday,  so the “umbrella” too became  one of the most popular places in the city.

You can see the development. I visit the city every year and its beauty, splendour and attractivess is from year to year even greater. Marseille is for me the capital of the Mediterranean.

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