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Megève is a colorful village in the French Alps known for glamorous events throughout the season. Some exemplary ones are the Polo Masters Tournament on snow that takes place on January 19-22, and the Winter Golf Tournament. The village itself is small, with only 3500 inhabitants, situated at an altitude of 1097m.

Food lovers Paradise

However, it is the right address for gourmets because it has 80 restaurants, of which as many as 3 Michelin-starred ones. Megeve most renowned chef is Emmanuel Renaut 3*, who works his miracles in the famous Flocons de Sel, but Julien Gatillon 2* in Le 1920, and Cristophe Schuffenecker 1* in La Table de l’Alpaga, also hold their own. The village also has a few food boutiques selling local specialties like chocolates, cheese and sausages. In addition to the restaurants, guests can enjoy galleries, seven of them. As many as 40 thousand beds in and around Megève are sufficient for all those who wish to spend a part of the winter there.

Ski area

Skiing starts at the village. Cable cars lead to several peaks offering spectacular views of Mt. Blanc, the highest one in Europe. Over 400 km of ski trails and 107 ski lifts is quite enough for a week of top level skiing. All slopes are covered by snow guns, so even in the unlikely event of natural snow shortage, the slopes can be covered by the snow blasting from the guns. And there are slopes for everyone, although the majority are suitable for moderate skiers. Only one third of them are black, while the others are adequate for anyone, which makes this ski resort ideal for families with children.


The Mont Blanc Unlimited ski pass covers Evasion-Mont Blanc: 998 km of slopes in total. It includes the Megève and Chamonix ski resorts in France, as well as Verbier in Switzerland and Courmayeur in Italy. The pass is also valid for one of the most spectacular cable cars in the world leading to Aiguille du Midi, and for the Mer de Glace train.
For non-skiers, the possibilities also abound. The big village pool with the accompanying saunas and spa is just a part of the offer. There is also the panoramic flight around Mt. Blanc taking off from the local snow-covered airport. You can choose between visiting the nearby deer farm, riding sleds drawn by horses or dogs, climbing the frozen waterfalls, learning how to drive on ice, and riding special bicycles with special snow tires. Megève indeed offers an abundance of entertainment for all.

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