10 mistakes newbie travelers do

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10 mistakes newbie travellers. Even the most experienced travellers make mistakes when travelling. If you are a newbie you want your first big trips to be memorable for the good reasons. Avoid mistakes travellers do, by reading our tips.


10 mistakes newbie travelers do

1. You can’t see everything, don’t even try

If you are visiting some country for the first time this country. it’s normal that you want to see everything. Even if you can walk all day and cover everything, this is exhausting. When you’re tired, you don’t  enjoy properly on your trip.

2. Don’t stick blindly to the guidebook

The guidebook can be helpful, but it is filled with tourist spots, There are so many amazing places where locals live, so many local dishes to enjoy and aren’t mentioned there. Go out, talk to locals, eat local food and get an idea of how things really work over there.

3. Don’t be afraid of locals

First-time travellers don’t  interact with locals. They are closely guarding their possessions, with suspicious faces. The vast majority of locals aren’t scammers out to get you. With a positive approach, you’ll make a lot of new friends.

10 mistakes newbie travelers do

4. You don’t need that many souvenirs

You want to buy something, especially if it’s your first time in some country. You should remember that this increases the weight of luggage. If you’re trying to put too many things in your luggage some of them might break. And you’re not so mobile with too heavy luggage.

5. Avoid the food that you’re used to

Many newbie travellers are afraid of getting food poisoning. They eat the things that they eat at home. There are two reasons not to do this. If some country has a local cuisine, burgers and pizzas aren’t part of their it. People don’t eat them that so much, and the ingredients they are using could not be fresh.

10 mistakes newbie travelers do

6. Check the passport

Rookie travellers think that having a valid passport is enough for travelling. That is true in some cases, but there are some exceptions. China and Russia for exp, have regulations that require your passport to be valid at least 6 months after the date of your return flight. More than 20 countries in Europe have the same rule for 3 months. This might unnecessarily complicate your trip.

7. Don’t Underestimate the travel costs

Everything is going to cost more than you think. The flight tickets and added costs, commuting within the cities to the extra drinks you had in the bar. You usually spend double than you planned to.

8. Exchanging money at the airport

Many people exchange money at the airport. This is a terrible idea. Everything is more expensive at the airport, so the money exchange is too. If you don’t have cash, try exchanging a small amount that should cover only the transportation to your hotel and exchange the rest on destination…

10 mistakes newbie travelers do

9. Packing too many things

Travel light. Avoid packing things you don’t need and won’t wear. Always take ½ of the clothes you think you need and x2 of the money you think you need.

10. Travel agent yes, but not for everything

It’s  hard to plan a trip on your own. You want to feel safe in a foreign country by hiring a travel agent. It’s good to have an agent. But booking some things alone can be good and that saves you some money.

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