Moroccans through the eyes of a foreigner

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Even though while travelling in Morocco I have seen numerous amazing buildings, experienced the magic of souk, woke up in the desert, I won’t talk about that. I will write about Moroccans –  Rashid who learned English, Spanish and German and became a tour guide. About Zahra who shared her sweets and fruit in the train. About Ali who generously helped us find our Riad when we were lost. About Mohammed who grew up in a small Berber village but lives in Barcelona.

They will stay in my memories as the best part of my Morocco experience because of their generosity, hospitality and simplicity.

Because of that travel, not to brag to other people, but to enrich yourself exploring and excepting new cultures and values. We are all different but that the magic of it, is it not?

Arab Hospitality
In the Arab world, guests are welcome regardless of whatever they are family, friends or strangers. This tradition comes from the fact that they have always lived in a desert environment and therefore were dependent on each other’s hospitality in order to survive.

Arab Generosity
Their generosity extends to everything, like the lady from the train sharing her food or the older gentlemen that walked with us to our Riad. It’s in Arab culture and religion to be generous to others and Allah will see that and bless what you have and give you even more.

Josipa Belecan

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