Moscow – 24 Hours

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24 Hours in Moscow

  • – 2hrs – Kremlin : historical and spiritual centre of Moscow. The fortified historical distriict is enclosed by high walls that are 2 kn long. The entrance ticket includes admission to all five churches in the Kremlin and Patriarch Palace.
  • 2hrs – Red Square – outside the Kremlin,s wall. Cobblestoned square 1036 x 388 m2 used to be royal citadel. Sihgts of the square: State Historical Museum, St.Basil Cathedral, Lenin,s Mausoleum, Gum department store.
  • 2hrs – Gorky Park : Official name is Maxim Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure– One of the most beautiful city park sin the world. Green lungd of the city and popular place for locals on the banko f Moskva River.
  • 2hrs – Moskva River cruise –  Enjoy the stunning view on Moscow State University, parks, hotels, Kremlin, industrial constructions, art centres and many, many other interesting features of the city so different at every turn of the river!
  • 2hrs – Underground Tour – Moscow beneath the streets:  on this tour ypu will learn about spectacular and mind-bending Moscow Metro! Be awed by the architecture, spot the propaganda, and listen to the Soviet stories from a local guide.

The rest of the time you,ll spend in public transport. In the evening, enjoy at:  Krasny Oktyabr at  funky arts district in the historical centre of Moscow. Dubbed “a city within the city,”  is a former chocolate factory that has been transformed into a hip and cool area packed with trendy bars, restaurants, art galleries, and nightclubs.

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